Coronavirus: in Lombardy, the movements of residents are controlled via their smartphones

by bold-lichterman

Lombardy, the region most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with more than 16,000 cases including 1,640 dead, laments the fact that only 60% of its population remains at home, according to phone monitoring portable. The Italian government has banned all non-essential travel for work or health reasons in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus, which has already infected more than 31,500 people and killed 2,503, making the peninsula the European country most affected.

It is not a question of monitoring ”

According to Il Corriere della Sera, the main Italian daily, telephone operators have made available to Lombardy, a rich northern region which includes Milan, data concerning the passage of a cell phone from one telephone terminal to another. ” This is not a control to monitor a phone per se, privacy law would not allow it, but a technology that can control the decrease in movement of people compared to a given period “, explains the daily.

Lombardy took February 20 as its departure date, the day the first death of Covid-19 was announced in a city not far from Milan, its capital. The decreases in travel range, depending on the period since that date, from 20% to 50%, currently standing at around 40%, “too little” for the president of the region Attilio Fontana. The governor of neighboring Veneto (northeast), Luca Zaia, also believes that the tracking of the movements of individuals through their mobile phone ” is an excellent solution ” to enforce confinement, even if he admits that this can pose a problem of respect for privacy.