Coronavirus and personal data: France is studying app projects in “many countries”

by bold-lichterman

The government currently has no plans for personal database applications to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Cédric O told AFP on Tuesday. ” Contacts are in progress » with the ” Many countries “ like Germany, the United Kingdom or Singapore which ” have undertaken to develop digital applications intended to combat the spread of the epidemic ”, the secretary of state told AFP.

It is “Better understand the technological solutions chosen by our partners and assess their health benefit”, added the Minister. But “No more advanced initiative has at this stage been taken by the government”, he added.

In several countries, digital applications based on smartphone data have been used in the fight against the pandemic, sometimes at the risk of being particularly intrusive. In China, applications using geolocation data in particular allow Chinese people to attest to the level of their supposed risk to the authorities.

“We are not at this stage”

In France, the Elysee Palace set up Care, a new committee of researchers and doctors on Tuesday, to advise the government in the fight against the virus. The presidency indicated that among its lines of thought, the committee should look at ” the advisability of implementing a digital strategy to identify people who have been in contact with infected people ”, using digital technologies.

But Frédérique Vidal, the Minister of Research refuted at the end of the afternoon any plan to use digital technology to verify, for example, compliance with confinement obligations. ” We are not at this stage ”, Ms. Vidal told reporters on the occasion of the installation of the Care committee. The minister mentioned in particular the possibility of using digital technology to “Help in terms of logistics” and for ” to be able to foresee “ the number of cured patients leaving hospitals and intensive care units which will become available.