Conztanz: “Sophia Antipolis is an ecosystem of highly qualified engineers”

by bold-lichterman

Conztanz is a company based in Sophia Antipolis which publishes software and digital solutions, in particular business intelligence, for the aviation sector in order to offer new services. The company raised 2 million euros this summer fromA Plus finances and Pléiade Venture. Interview with Bertrand Kientz, CEO of Conztanz. He returns for FrenchWeb to the business pole of Sophia Antipolis.

FrenchWeb: You are based in Sophia Antipolis, what does this region bring you?

Bertrans-Kientz-2015Bertrand Kientz: A welcome, a quality environment: incubator, international CCI, themed meetings, and other dynamic start-ups, some of which in the same field, therefore a means of “hunting in packs” at the Business pole of Sophia Antipolis, advice from French Riviera teams.

An ecosystem of multi-national engineers, highly qualified, working in IT services companies. And start-ups around Amadeus, therefore sourcing easy for specialized international projects with the traditional attractiveness of Sophia Antipolis for young quality engineers.

What could be improved concerns an approach currently being organized to make it more compact with French Tech. The region has (too) many structures and associations for start-ups.

FrenchWeb: How was Conztanz born?

Bertrand Kientz, CEO of Conztanz: This is a joint reflection with my two co-founders, who came from Air France while I was at Amadeus. We were convinced that there was no competent actor to give airlines their agility of service:

  • compile data on their travelers (CRM) and their experience / context (external PSS like Amadeus or Saber)
  • use them wisely (big data, event logic) on all channels of interaction with him (mobile, website, self-service machines, information panels at the airport, etc.)

The idea is to found with candidates – starting from Air France IT – a company of experts who initially provide support / consulting, then integration tools, and innovative software.

FrenchWeb: What are your goals in the coming months?

Bertrand Kientz: Beyond the already good notoriety among small airlines in Europe, the conquest of larger customers in dynamic markets namely the Emirates and Asia. The acquisition of first references in nearby airports and the hiring of 5 to 10 people, mainly in R&D.