Contentsquare: the French unicorn launches its incubator to boost innovative startups

by bold-lichterman

The startup specializing in user experience optimization and analysis Contentsquare announces the launch of Atomic Labs, an incubator designed to accelerate the development of innovative companies. With an “Incubator” program for companies in the creation phase and an “Accelerator” program for those who already have a product, Atomic Labs aims to help “ entrepreneurs to realize their vision, develop their solution and accelerate their growth ”. The ecosystem is open to applications in France and is expected to expand to other countries in 2021.

Since its launch in 2012, Contentsquare has been collecting data on consumer behavior with the goal of helping brands understand how users interact with their platforms. As part of the Atomic Labs experience, selected startups will have access to Contentsquare’s algorithms and insights to optimize the development of their products.

This new ecosystem will give the most innovative startups on the market a unique competitive advantage, by allowing them to access our cutting-edge technology based on our numerous patents, and to benefit from the support of our partners and all our teams, including 200 people who work within our R&D team », Explains Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO of Contentsquare.

Atomic Labs, a “Major pillar” of business strategy

Indeed, startups will be able to benefit from both technical and commercial mentorship, as well as an executive sponsor, within the Contentsquare management team or that of a partner. In addition, they will have access to the unicorn’s network of customers and partners, which boasts more than 100 technological partners and nearly 700 corporate customers, including LVMH, HP, Samsung, Avis, BMW and Walmart.

Our ecosystem will allow startups to accelerate the development of their products and solutions to better meet the demands of an ever-changing market », Explains Maxime Girardeau, who manages the program. ” Atomic Labs will be a major pillar of our corporate strategy, which is to pursue our growth and continue to innovate ”, he concludes.

Last month, Contentsquare announced the acquisition of Adapte My Web, an assistive solution that makes the web easier to access and understand for people with visual, hearing or cognitive impairments, five months after a 190 million dollars that propelled him to the rank of unicorn.