Contactless payment: something new at Google and Orange

by bold-lichterman

The increasingly competitive contactless payment sector continues to attract new players. Available via short-range wireless technology (NFC), this new process is expected to revolutionize shopping methods. Indeed, according to the figures of Juniper Research, this type of payment could reach more than € 80 billion worldwide in 2014.

Contactless payment something new at Google and Orange

Thus, across the Atlantic, Google should officially launch today its new mobile terminal payment service, called Google Wallet. The application, in test since May in New York, is currently only compatible with the Nexus S 4G, marketed by the operator Sprint. According to the American site TechCrunch, this new offer should allow mobile users to pay for their purchases, take advantage of promotions or even register several loyalty cards.

In France, Orange has just announced for its part that it will market from next October, a contactless version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. This smartphone will be the fourth mobile distributed by the operator for its customers. Cityzi, the mark designating contactless services in France. It already has more than 150,000 followers and allows users to benefit from services including:

  • Passes for public transport.
  • Payment in partner stores.
  • The acquisition of loyalty points.
  • Couponing.
  • Or reading labels.

In France, several contactless terminals have been installed in Strasbourg and Nice in order to facilitate this kind of transaction.