Conservative social network Parler files complaint against Amazon, while rival Gab explodes

by bold-lichterman

The popular social network of Donald Trump supporters, Parler, lodged a complaint Monday against Amazon, which kicked him from the Internet by preventing him from accessing its servers for having, according to the tech giant, allowed messages to proliferate problematic after the assault on the Capitol. Amazon suspended Talk’s account on Monday, explaining in a letter to the conservative site that it ” recently observed a persistent increase in violent content ”. But Parler believes that this decision is motivated more by political considerations and by the desire to reduce competition to the benefit of Twitter.

The social network also criticizes Amazon for not having given it thirty days’ notice before cutting the bridges. Parler asks the court to prevent Amazon from blocking its servers. ” This is the same as disconnecting a patient on respiratory assistance. It will kill the business – even when it was soaring “, wrote Parler in his complaint. Tech giants Apple and Google had previously withdrawn from their application download platforms the social network where they were multiplying, according to them, “Threats of violence” and “Illegal activities”. All these groups criticize Parler for a policy of moderation that is too lax.

Faced with the profusion of messages encouraging violence, “Speaking cannot, or will not, quickly identify and remove this content”, Amazon said again Monday in a message sent to AFP. The social network is in breach of Amazon’s terms in this regard and its complaint is therefore “Not justified”, estimated the company by stressing to serve “Customers of all political stripes”. Speaking’s popularity soared after the final closure by Twitter of Donald Trump’s account on Friday: his application was the most downloaded in the United States on the Apple platform on Saturday. Sunday, in an interview with Fox NewsSite co-founder John Matze noted that getting the site up and running could take time. In a statement on Sunday evening, he reaffirmed his desire to make Speaking a place of “Open dialogue” where violence was by no means tolerated.

Gab takes advantage

Launched in 2018, the social network works a bit like Twitter, with profiles to follow and “parlys” instead of tweets. Based in Henderson, Nevada, it was started by John Matze, a computer engineer, and Rebekah Mercer, a major donor to the Republican Party. The platform attracted especially at its beginnings ultra-conservative fringes, even extreme-right. But she also now welcomes more traditional Republican voices like the presenters of Fox News, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson or Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem. Already in full swing, the application had welcomed in recent days a profusion of new subscribers ulcerated by Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump.

Other mainstream networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitch have also suspended the profile of the tenant of the White House. Many fans of the US president have flocked to conservative platforms like Parler or Gab. The latter has also taken advantage of the events to gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers in recent hours. About “600,000 to 700,000” Internet users are currently registering on the platform every day, said Andrew Torba, co-founder and CEO of this social network created in August 2016, in a video.

Now that the tech giants have made it clear that they will crack down on sites and apps that continue to relay extreme messages, conservative social media are likely to have to adjust. The live video service DLive, used by several demonstrators during the invasion of the Capitol on Wednesday, has banned seven channels and removed more than 100 videos from its site. Some might choose to do like Gab, who has set up his own servers so as not to depend on outside companies.