Connected sport and new businesses that want to be in the lead

by bold-lichterman

The Tour de France is starting with an innovation this year. Cycling enthusiasts will be able to geolocate the riders in the peloton in real time. The race organizer has in fact entered into a partnership with the ESN of South African origin. Dimension Data to equip each bicycle saddle with sensors. An innovation that illustrates how technology is used in the service of sport. And that’s only the beginning. Quantified self, social network, performance improvement and even yield management… the fields of application are varied. A vein that has scented three start-ups that FrenchWeb went to meet. They are supported by the Parisian incubator Le Tremplin:

The connected sport market looks promising when we know that France has 5.2 million licensees in all sports and that the majority of French people (65%) say they practice a sporting activity at least once a week, the 15- 24 years in the lead, according to figures published in 2014 by the ministry of Youth and Sports.

Across Europe, 70 million amateurs and 630,000 sports clubs are likely to use new digital tools to improve their sports practice. Sports which are expensive to practice, such as golf, horse riding or even alpine skiing, represent significant markets. According to the latest published figures, French household spending on sports represented 37.1 billion euros in 2011 and almost all age groups are concerned, which suggests the size of the potential market.

Another aspect: these new tools also make it possible to improve marketing, in a sector where a major sporting event alone can generate millions of euros in revenue. So the yield management intrudes into the stadiums and spectators are guided in their movements to maximize profits.

Even cities have an interest in getting started in order to optimize the location of water fountains, areas reserved for cyclists, etc.

The competition between the various start-ups in the sector is only just beginning. One thing is certain: the digital has not finished invading the stadiums

In this report, Frenchweb met three project leaders housed within Le Tremplin, the new Parisian incubator dedicated to sport:

  • Emmanuel de La Tour conducts Mac-Lloyd and sells its connected sensors to half of the Rugby Top 14 and to 1/3 of league 1.
  • Nizar Melki he co-founded Sporteasy, a social network for managing sports teams marketed in freemium.
  • Jean-Marc Gillet created Goaleo, a social network that helps athletes to promote themselves to clubs. Objective: to reach 150,000 users in France and Europe by the end of 2016.

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