[CONFIDENTIEL] YouTube, Tinyclues, Amazon, Algo Paint, Arkéa …

by bold-lichterman

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The French start-up Tinyclues, specializing in marketing targeting campaigns, has just been identified by Gartner as “Vendor to Watch” in the 2017 edition of its report “Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics”. This is a great achievement for the start-up since this report brings together the companies that provide the best solutions to meet the needs of marketing analysis.

CONFIDENTIEL YouTube Tinyclues Amazon Algo Paint Arkea

Founded in 2010, Tinyclues is developing a platform that allows companies to send targeted campaigns to their customers. For example, an e-merchant selects the product he wants to promote. Tinyclues thus offers him the audience likely to be interested in this product. “We capture the implicit signals contained in the data in order to allow marketers to create, in a few clicks, targeted sales animation campaigns, without mobilizing data scientists», Explains David Bessis, founder and CEO of Tinyclues. In 2015, the company raised 5 million euros to expand internationally.

With such a positioning, Tinyclues is positioning itself in the predictive marketing market on which other companies have embarked, such as Data Publica, which also offers solutions to better target customers from data, or PredicSis, which makes it possible to predict online consumer behavior to implement marketing actions.

Will YouTube eventually compete with TV? According to data released by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, during the presentation of Alphabet’s numbers on Thursday, 100 million hours of YouTube videos are watched per day on TV. This figure is said to have increased by 70% over the past year.

CONFIDENTIEL YouTube Tinyclues Amazon Algo Paint Arkea

This sharp increase could be explained by the launch of YouTube Red last year or even YouTube TV, the company’s pay television service.

This figure should nevertheless be put into perspective with the overall usage figures of the platform: users of the platform watch a billion hours of videos per day.

The season is in financial communication. Yesterday, Amazon announced its third quarter results, beating analysts’ forecasts and rewarded for its performance on the stock market. Among the figures unveiled yesterday, we know that Amazon’s workforce now has 541,900 employees worldwide, up 159,500 people over the last quarter. That’s a 77% jump from the same period last year.

The acquisitions of the Whole Foods chain of stores obviously weigh in part on this increase, with 87,000 people, and to a lesser extent, of Souq, number 1 in electronic commerce in the Middle East and North Africa. Without taking these two operations into account, the workforce nevertheless increased by 47%.

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“Hiring continues to remain strong, particularly in technology areas and the sales force, particularly in AWS”said Brian Olsavsky, chief financial officer of Amazon.

To compare, Google’s total workforce stood at 78,101 at the end of Q3 (less than half of the 160,000 people Amazon added in a single quarter!) and Microsoft employed 124,293 people at the end of its fiscal year in June.

Amazon’s growth has propelled the e-commerce giant to the second-largest American employer behind Walmart. But in terms of total employment, Amazon remains well behind Walmart, its main competitor on several fronts. Walmart employs 2.3 million people worldwide.

The Arkéa, via its societal innovation fund We Positive Invest, and the Brittany Region, via the Breizh Up investment fund, have respectively invested 500,000 euros and 300,000 euros in the capital of the Breton start-up Algo Paint. Because we can no longer be quiet anywhere, we now know that pollution is also rampant inside our homes. Algo Paint offers a response to these public health and environmental issues with its bio-based paint based on Breton algae and without solvent.

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Credit: Algopaint

This fundraising of € 800,000 will enable Algo Paint to accelerate its commercial development, continue its R&D work and ensure better brand recognition at national level, thanks to marketing investments.