[Confidentiel – Vidéos] When Orange explains to its employees its agreement with Free Mobile

by bold-lichterman

Broadcast for a few days on the France Telecom intranet, 3 videos explain to Orange employees the roaming contract with Free Mobile. FrenchWeb reveals them to you.

Confidentiel Videos When Orange explains to its employees its

Bénédicte Javelot, Partners Director discusses the economic aspects of the agreement, Philippe Chicaud, Technical Director France, details Orange’s vision on the current state of the Free network, and Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Technical Director of Networks and Services, differences in usage between Orange subscribers and Free Mobile subscribers.

Through these videos, Orange offers its employees another way to interpret an agreement strongly criticized by its competitors.

“It’s an obligation and it’s also a choice…”

“Free is more in the situation of an MVNO on the orange network than of a large network operator …”

“Your mobile will constantly search the free network. During this period, the Free customer cannot be reached … “

The animated general presentation