[CONFIDENTIEL] Uber, Navya, Roku, LinkedIn, Harry Potter …

by bold-lichterman

Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer of Uber, formalized this November 8 at the Web Summit, the collaboration between the American unicorn and NASA on the flying taxis project. This partnership is called UberAir and its objective is the development of software to manage the routes of these future taxis.

In an article on his blog analyzing the various tools and flying transport projects in urban airspace, NASA explains having “established effective partnerships with industry, academia and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to identify and find solutions to the challenges specific to the reception of remotely piloted aircraft“.

Uber aims to send its first flying taxis to Los Angeles in the air in 2020. These vehicles could travel up to 300 km / h.

The Americans welcomed in their own way the autonomous shuttle of the Lyon start-up Navya. From its first hour of operation in Las Vegas, it was hit by a delivery truck. Fortunately, none of the passengers on the shuttle, which can travel at 25 km / h, was injured.

CONFIDENTIEL Uber Navya Roku LinkedIn Harry Potter

Now officially named on American roads, the shuttle should soon return to the streets of Las Vegas, this time hoping to avoid a collision from its first hour of operation.

This week, Navya presented a 100% electric autonomous taxi. Called “Autonom Cab”, this single-seater equipped with cameras and sensors can carry up to 6 people and travel independently for up to ten hours between two recharges. The vehicle can travel at a speed of 90 km / h. Open road tests will be carried out next year in Europe and Australia. By the end of 2018, Navya aims to have an installed fleet of more than 300 vehicles.

More than a month after his first steps with the Nasdaq, Roku is doing well. The California-based streaming video company posted better-than-expected third-quarter results, pushing Roku’s share price up more than 47% on Thursday. Between July and September, the company achieved a turnover of 124.8 million dollars, against 89 million dollars in the same period last year. At the same time, Roku conceded a smaller net loss than expected, at $ 7.9 million, against $ 12.7 million in the third quarter of 2016. For their part, analysts expected $ 110 million in revenue and $ 12.7 million in losses. During its IPO at the end of September, the American company had raised 252 million dollars.

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In a landscape transformed by streaming and cord-cutting, Roku has more than 32% of the market of 150 million connected TV users, ahead of Google Chromecast (29.9%), Amazon Fire TV (26.3%) and Apple TV (19.9%), according to eMarketer. Roku’s revenue amounted to nearly $ 400 million in 2016, with losses of $ 40 million. Roku is now seeking to evolve its hardware model towards a business of “platform” (income from partnerships with advertisers and content editors). Its independence allows its clients to have access to an open ecosystem and a greater choice of applications compared to the competition, which seeks to enhance its content and accentuate the balance of power.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has partnered with LinkedIn. The platform is now associated with Word. Resume Assistant is the result of this collaboration. It will now be much easier to create a CV. “We want your skills, experiences and everything you bring to a business to be better represented in your profile and on your CV.», Details Kylan Nieh, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn in

Thanks to this new tool, creating a CV will no longer be a tedious moment. Microsoft Word will be able to offer its users definitions and standard sentences to describe the different jobs. To do this, Resume Assistant will extract all the necessary information on LinkedIn profiles similar to yours. It will also be possible to draw inspiration from the skills highlighted by the other profiles. In addition, active job offers on LinkedIn will be uploaded directly to Word to facilitate the job search for candidates.

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Resume Assistant will be rolling out this week on Windows and in the months to come for Office 365 subscribers.

Niantic wants to keep breaking records. After launching the globally successful Pokémon GO game, the American studio intends to do it again, this time tackling the world of the most famous wizard: Harry Potter. For this new mobile game, called “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” (“Harry Potter: the wizards’ union”), Niantic plans to rely once again on augmented reality, which was at the origin of the success of Pokémon Go, which had over 94 million monthly active users at its peak, in August 2016. In this way, players will be able to use their smartphone camera to view virtual items in the real environment.

1605357021 168 CONFIDENTIEL Uber Navya Roku LinkedIn Harry Potter

To make this game, Niantic is working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the subsidiary of the American film studio specializing in video game publishing. Warners Bros has just created the Portkey Galmes label, specially dedicated to the production of games centered on the Harry Potter universe. No wonder, given that Warner owns the rights to adapt the books to the cinema. In “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”, “players will learn spells, can explore their neighborhood and town to discover and fight legendary monsters, and team up with others to stop powerful enemiesNiantic explains on his official blog. The game is expected to launch in 2018.