[CONFIDENTIEL] TripAdvisor, unicorns in Europe, Altaïde, Twitter …

by bold-lichterman

TripAdvisor wants to protect its users against establishments deemed to be at risk. For this, the site, which allows Internet users to rate tourist places such as hotels or restaurants, now displays a warning on the pages of establishments linked to sexual assault, but also to discrimination and health problems. “TripAdvisor has been made aware of certain recent events and press articles relating to this property that may not reflect the content of the reviews found on this page. This is why we suggest that you continue your research to obtain more information about this establishment when preparing for a trip.», Is it thus indicated in a red box on the pages of the establishments in question.

CONFIDENTIEL TripAdvisor unicorns in Europe Altaide Twitter

After a report, this message will appear for three months on the establishment’s page, but its duration of appearance will be extended if the establishment is the subject of new complaints. However, TripAdvisor specifies that this message is intended to be “informative and not punitive“. A bit light to fight against possible sexual assault … Especially since the site has seen fit to remove several comments from women who denounce sexual assault suffered in certain establishments.

TripAdvisor had thus deleted several times in 2010 the comment of an American tourist in which she revealed to have been raped by a member of the Iberostar Paraiso Maya hotel, in Mexico. The site eventually apologized, explaining that it did not accept family language at the time. TripAdvisor has since lifted this restriction.

A pioneer in digital recruitment, the firm Altaïde has just been distinguished by LinkedIn. This week, the professional social network unveiled in London the LinkedIn Most Socially Engaged, its ranking of the 25 most involved and influential European recruitment firms on its professional social network.

CONFIDENTIEL TripAdvisor unicorns in Europe Altaide TwitterAnd cocorico! Altaïde is in 17th place among the best European head hunters, all sectors combined. In addition, it is the only French firm present in the ranking. “As early as January 2004, seven months after the launch of LinkedIn, we perceived that this social network was going to revolutionize our job as a headhunter, and the Altaïde teams then began to hunt candidates on LinkedIn.», Recalls Jacques Froissant (pictured), CEO of Altaïde. And Morgane Sur, general manager of Altaïde, to add: “Relationships have evolved, social networks are today our first tool for sourcing candidates. More than 70% of the candidates recruited from our clients are identified there.

47% of unicorns, start-ups valued at over a billion dollars, are found in the United States, 37% in China. What about Europe? 57 start-ups were labeled unicorns on the continent in 2017, according to the study “Europe’s Titans of Tech», Produced by GP Bullhound. The United Kingdom ranks first with 21 unicorns, followed by Sweden and Germany (7). France is on the third step with 3 unicorns: Blablacar, Criteo and Vente-privée.

Even though the number of unicorns is growing, Europe is positioned far behind the United States and China. This year, 37 new unicorns were identified for the first and 30 for the second against 9 for Europe.

1605356896 384 CONFIDENTIEL TripAdvisor unicorns in Europe Altaide Twitter

Of these 57 unicorns, only 3 exceed the $ 10 billion valuation mark. These are Spotify ($ 13 billion), Zalando ($ 11.5 billion) and Supercell ($ 10 billion). None have achieved titan status, valuing over $ 50 billion.

Twitter has not finished surprising us. While at the beginning of the week, the social network announced the passage of tweets to 280 characters, this Friday, the blue bird unveiled the extension of the number of characters for display names. It goes from 20 to 50.

And here’s what it looks like:

1605356897 333 CONFIDENTIEL TripAdvisor unicorns in Europe Altaide Twitter

A novelty that does not solve the known problems on the platform, namely the moderation of certain tweets.