[CONFIDENTIEL] Telegram and ICO, Google and its bikes, GoPro and Karma, Time Magazine and AR …

by bold-lichterman

Update Wednesday January 17, 2018 (10:30 am): Yesterday evening, the crypto community raised the possibility of a scam around the ICO Telegram, based in particular on the response of Pavel Durov questioned on Twitter about the reality of the gramtoken.io site.

CONFIDENTIEL ICO Telegram Blackout at CES 2018 Google buys
Twitter capture

No other official information was released. According to our latest information, even if the site is fraudulent, the operation on the other hand is real.


Encrypted messaging Telegram plans to launch its own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, the Gram, to enable payments on its chat app. The “Telegram Open Network” (TON) will be a “third generation” blockchain according to the sources, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. A protocol that consumes less energy but which would allow “Millions of transactions per second, for billions of users”, if we are to believe (or not) the promotional video leaked a few days ago, which takes the opportunity to line up impressive key figures: 180 million active users, 70 billion messages sent every day.

The operation will be funded by an ICO which is assumed to be large, if not one of the largest to date. According to the specialized site TechCrunch which reveals the information, Telegram intends to raise $ 500 million only on the pre-ICO phase (private presale of tokens), then $ 3 to $ 5 billion on the classic distribution phase of Grams. An amount that would far exceed the latest record for cryptocurrency fundraising, that of Block.one with $ 700 million last December.

Whatever the amount raised, the interest of investors is not really a surprise, since Telegram enjoys a platform already well installed and used around the world, and in particular by the community of “crypto-enthusiasts”.

In addition to the enormous business potential, a dedicated cryptocurrency in a payment system specific to Telegram would also be a guarantee of independence vis-à-vis any government or bank, an argument to which its founder Pavel Durov must obviously be sensitive: in 2014 , he was unloaded, with his brother, from his last company, the social network VK often described as “Russian Facebook”, by his shareholders close to the power in place.

The operation would be scheduled for March 2018, the launch of the wallet for the fourth quarter, and the rest of the services for 2019. Telegram has not confirmed the information of TechCrunch.

CONFIDENTIEL Telegram and ICO Google and its bikes GoPro and
Credits: Roman Boed – CC BY 2.0.

Google is not Ofo or Mobike. However, some on the Mountain View side consider Google Bikes, these bikes made available to the employees of the American giant to facilitate their movement within GooglePlex, the huge campus of the Alphabet subsidiary, as a “community service“, according to Wall Street Journal. And to say that the inhabitants of Mountain View have appropriated Google’s bikes is an understatement … Each week, between 100 to 250 bikes in Google’s colors, out of the 1,100 that the company has, are stolen from the campus. “Stolen” or rather “borrowed” …

Indeed, most thieves are none other than Mountain View residents who believe that these bikes are in the service of the community. Even the city’s mayor, Ken Rosenberg, confessed to once riding a Google bike to the movies after a meeting on the company’s campus. From July to November 2017, Google still managed to recover between 70 and 190 missing bikes per week. Irritated by the loss of its bikes, the Alphabet subsidiary eventually reacted by deciding to equip a third of its fleet of bikes with GPS trackers. Google is also testing smart locks so that only its employees can unlock bikes available to them on the GooglePlex.

GoPro tightens the screw: the American manufacturer, known for its mini-cameras, announced today the elimination of 250 positions (approximately 20% of its workforce) and its withdrawal from the drone market.

These are not the first cuts in the workforce for GoPro, which has been seeking for several years to diversify its home market, action cameras, today largely inundated by products from the competition: 100 jobs in 2016, then 270 others in 2017, were thus eliminated.

CONFIDENTIEL Telegram and ICO Google and its bikes GoPro and

Among these diversification attempts, drones have not worked miracles: in fact, GoPro has also announced to withdraw its Karma drone from the American and European markets. In question, as for its cameras, a fierce competitive environment, in particular that of the Chinese DJI, but also an ever more severe regulation and technical problems specific to Karma (which sometimes fell in midair, dropped by its battery, which is unfortunate for a drone…).

The markets reacted badly to the announcement, as the stock collapsed by a quarter of its value, plunging to $ 5.51. The GoPro title was introduced at $ 24 in 2014 on Wall Street.

On Friday January 5, Time edited, with assistance from Bill Gates, his first issue in augmented reality. On the different pages of the magazine, readers will find various content, such as videos or infographics, hosted by RYOT Lab.

Bill Gates lent his voice to narrate the cover story which you can find below. It features Mohamad Nasir, an Ethiopian who Bill Gates first met shortly after his birth in 2012. The 5-year-old boy has become the face of improving child survival rates in Ethiopia and the rest of the world. the whole world.

Other personalities also participated in this issue of Time entitled “Optimist”. Thus, Bono, leader of the group U2, produced an infographic on the importance of reducing the differences in access to education between girls and boys. You can view the content below.

To access this additional content, the magazine invites its readers to download the Life VR application. It is available on iOS and Android.