[CONFIDENTIEL] Square and Twitter, Tencent, Bercy, Google …

by bold-lichterman

Twitter’s business model remains enigmatic and Jack Dorsey, the one who made the blue bird take off, is starting to seriously feel it. Proof of this is that Twitter boss’s other company, Square, is now worth more than the microblogging site. Square’s market capitalization now stands at $ 17.7 billion, compared to Twitter’s $ 15.6 billion.

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Since its IPO, Square’s capitalization has quadrupled to reach its current level. At the same time, Twitter’s has fallen almost 40% from the close of its first day on Wall Street five years ago. Fixed at $ 26 per IPO, Twitter’s share reached $ 44.9 at the end of its first day on the New York stock market, valuing the social network in total at 24.9 billions of dollars.

Despite their trajectories which have just crossed on the stock market, none of the companies is yet profitable. In 2016, Square conceded a net loss of $ 62 million while Twitter lost $ 457 million at the same time. Founded in 2009, Square, which has developed a solution allowing merchants to accept payments by bank cards through a reader connected to a smartphone, therefore seems in a better position to (finally) offer Jack Dorsey his first profits. .

Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, has just entered the tight-lipped half-trillion dollar club with Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

The stock of the company, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, reached the HK $ 418.80 mark, raising its market capitalization to HK $ 3.99 trillion, surpassing the $ 500 billion mark. In one year, Tencent’s price has doubled and its capitalization has more than tripled since March 2014: by this date, the company had already reached a valuation of 150 billion dollars, then surpassing Intel. As remark TechCrunch, it would have been enough of a setting of 9000 dollars at the IPO in 2004, to be today at the head of a million dollars (that leaves wondering, eh).

CONFIDENTIEL Square and Twitter Tencent Bercy Google

This historic milestone comes a week after Tencent’s spectacular third quarter 2017 results were reported, with profit up 69% over the period, to $ 2.72 billion, on revenue of $ 9.825 million. dollars up 61%.

Tencent is the publisher of WeChat super-messaging, with integrated games, services, entertainment and payment methods, to 980 million monthly active users. Its games offer is particularly lucrative – in particular Honor of kings which has 50 million faithful, Clash of clans and League of Legends – and would have brought in five billion dollars in the quarter. Tencent has also diversified by investing in different companies like Tesla, Snap, or Indian nuggets like Flipkart, Ola, Hike, Practo…

The e-commerce giant Alibaba is the second largest Asian capitalization, at 483 billion dollars.

Today, in the mass of daily press releases sent to the editorial staff (with more or less success in the targeting, but that’s another story …), we were challenged by it, issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

This press invitation invites us to the first edition of the Rendez-vous de Bercy, on the theme “Technological disruptions and inequalities”, with three sessions with ambitious challenges: 1. helping individuals to cope with technological disruptions, 2. structuring the sectors to achieve technological transformation 3. act in the new world economic order. Why not.

As the press release reminds us, it is a question of bringing together “Internationally renowned experts, academics, political leaders, presidents of international companies, who will debate the major issues structuring the world economy. “

And indeed, the poster fits well with the promise: CEOs and board chairmen, here you go, economists, mathematicians, a Nobel Prize, a Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, a director think tank, a former British Prime Minister special envoy of the United Nations …

For businesses, we list Cisco, Michelin, Iliad, Carrefour, Schneider Electric, Quicksilver, Engie, and Credit Suisse. Honorable organizations, of course, but not really fresh. Zero startups, not the slightest unicorn in sight, the slightest bit of young growth. Nothing, nada, nothing, nichts, damn it.

As for the diversity of the speakers, a quick count (except journalist and inviting power) gives us a solid male representation, firmly established on its 75%.

Transformation and technological breakthroughs, you say?

Never 2 without 3. After Facebook, Apple, Google is investing in land in Denmark. The American giant has just acquired a land of 135 hectares in Aabenraa. A few meters away is the plot purchased by Apple. Last July, the apple brand announced the purchase of this piece of land for an amount of $ 950 million. The company plans to build its third above-ground US data center there by 2019.

Unlike Apple, Google does not yet have a specific project. The company simply wanted to ensure access to the plot as explained Reuters, and to be able, within a few years, to place a data center there. The company also acquired an 80 hectare plot of land in Fredericia, also in Denmark.

IoT Google offers Xively for 50 million

For the Danish energy minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, these land purchases are a “very good news“. “This means that Google has plans in Denmark, and I think it is because we have the lowest electricity prices in Europe for businesses, some green energy and an easy energy supply.», He confides to Reuters.

Google buys plot near Apple’s planned Danish data center