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One year later, it’s official: the connected glasses from Snapchat, baptized “ShowsAre a resounding failure. Launched with great fanfare a year ago by Snap, the parent company of the ephemeral messaging application Snapchat, they did not have the success expected by Evan Spiegel. The boss of Snap thus revealed in early October that his company had only sold… 150,000 pairs of “Spectacles” glasses – barely 0.08% of Snapchat users!

CONFIDENTIEL Snapchat Shows Cryptominute Silicon Valley Simplonco

It must be said that Snap had set up a rather astonishing marketing of its new product. And for good reason, these connected glasses were first sold from November 2016 only in ephemeral stores, “Snapbots”, which admittedly created long queues but were not ideal for offering the produced to the greatest number. It was not until February that the “Spectacles” were marketed on the Internet in the United States. However, it was already too late, especially since Snap missed the boat for the holiday season. As for the Europeans, they even had to wait until last June for the glasses to reach them at the price of 149.90 euros… against 130 dollars in the United States.

The failure of “Spectacles” is not limited only to this hazardous marketing. Its users hardly seem to like it. According to Snap internal data, reported by Business Insider, less than 50% of buyers continue to use the glasses one month after purchase. This is explained in particular by the very limited portability of the videos produced with the “Spectacles”. Indeed, the latter are shot in a circular format. However, when exported, these circular videos are inserted into a white square in a locked orientation. For aesthetics, we will come back. In addition, the glasses do not connect to your smartphone’s camera roll, but only to Snapchat, making it difficult for the user to export their videos. In addition, “Shows” only allow you to shoot videos, not take photos. Snap was looking for a source of growth, it failed. End flash.

For 9 years, the question has burned the lips of all those interested in tech in general, andp2pfoundation forum.

It should also be noted that bitcoin, like gold, is a finite resource: there is a total of 21 million in circulation. The share owned by the only Satoshi (s) therefore represents 5% of the total, and trading them would obviously be more than enough to turn the market upside down …

Bitcoin’s origin story remains shrouded in mystery. Here’s why it matters from CNBC.

Santa Rosa, a city 90 km from San Francisco, was devastated at the beginning of October by a violent fire. The victims number in the hundreds and the fire has wiped out a piece of Silicon Valley history.

CONFIDENTIEL Snapchat Shows Cryptominute Silicon Valley Simplonco
Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. Credit: HP Company

In 1938 in a garage, William Hewlett and David Packard began making audio oscillators to test loudspeakers, with only $ 538 in cash… Now it will be difficult to tell the rest in great detail. Indeed, the beginnings of HP (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company) went up in smoke in Santa Rosa. The documents had been stored since 2014 at Keysight Technologies, an electronic measurement company.

These archives were valued at $ 2 billion. There is an online copy of many of these documents, but Harvard Business School Professor Geoffrey Jones believes these losses may hurt us for years to come. Several theories and hypotheses had been formulated via the company data present in these documents. The professor admits to being afraid that “the dissemination of influential theories are based on misunderstandings of previous work“.

Hewlett-Packard historical archives destroyed in Santa Rosa fires

Simplon, the free computer code school, created by Frédéric Bardeau, Andrei Vladescu-Olt and Erwan Kezzar, recently opened its 35th branch in Saint-Maur des Fossés, in the suburbs of Paris. In four years, Simplon has already trained 1,350 developers for a diploma recognized by the State, during a course lasting six months, with an employment rate of 80% within six months.

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A social and solidarity economy company (ESS), Simplon primarily targets profiles far from employment (young people under 25, with few or no qualifications, from working-class neighborhoods and rural areas, long-term job seekers. duration, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees), with a goal of gender parity. Its funding model is hybrid and is based on partnerships with companies, public subsidies, patronage, various aids …

Simplon is also a team with a recruitment which is accelerating, going from 6 employees 3 years ago to more than 100 today, and a turnover of 10 million euros, according to the Figaro Student.