[CONFIDENTIEL] Samsung is taking on bitcoin

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With more than 4 million users registered for its service, Molotov is used by 2 million French people every month and attracts 500,000 daily users. the average age of users is 35 years old, where the ” classic ” viewer has an average age of 51 years.

Molotov is preparing to launch the opening of its service in a second European country to accelerate its development in Europe.

Will Samsung be the next tech giant to seize the blockchain / bitcoin wave? The Korean chaebol has reportedly started manufacturing ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chips, intended for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

This information, revealed by the Korean newspaper The Bell and taken over by the specialized site The Next Web, indicates that Samsung will supply these chips to a specialized Chinese company, which will then take care of their distribution. Production would start at the end of January.

This is not Samsung’s first sign of interest in the crypto world. A few months ago, the company reportedly made a similar deal with a Russian company for the supply of these ASIC chips. Samsung is also involved in the IOTA project, with Microsoft or Volkswagen, which seeks to promote a transaction protocol between connected objects. The movement is also reminiscent of that of Kodak which, in addition to its blockchain project with a dedicated token, also presented a mining unit in its colors, greeted with perplexity, at the last CES.

Do you want to know more about crypto currencies and blockhain?
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CONFIDENTIEL Samsung is taking on bitcoin

Apple is at an impasse. Under fire from critics since admitting to having deliberately slowed down the operation of certain iPhone models, the American firm has also lowered its production target for the iPhone X, which was yet to be the flagship of the apple mark. In this context, Apple is trying to redeem an image with its customers and this requires more quality to the detriment of quantity if we believe the revelations ofAxios.

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According to the American site, Craig Federighi, the boss of software engineering at Apple, informed the iOS development teams in early January that the American firm had revised its plans for its mobile operating system in 2018. Thus, Apple prefers to postpone the integration of new features until next year to focus on reliability and performance. The home screen facelift and improvements to apps like Mail and Camera will notably have to wait.

iOS 12 should probably be a softer version than the previous ones. The priority for Apple now is to make iPhones more responsive and more reliable. Like every year, the new version of iOS should be presented next June at the WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) before being available to customers in the fall of 2018.

CONFIDENTIEL Samsung is taking on bitcoin
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On January 23, the National Assembly voted an amendment to the CNIL 3 law. The latter now allows financial compensation in the event of misuse of personal data by digital platforms such as Facebook and Google. In addition to bringing a class action, the French thus have the possibility of claiming financial compensation. Until now, it was only possible to request a cessation of the infringement. This amendment echoes the famous GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which will come into force next May.

“It’s a legal tsunami”, explains specialist lawyer Olivier Itéanu on the air of our colleagues from France Info, who spotted the information.

Do you know Andrew Ng? Professor at Stanford, founder of the Google Brain project (deep learning research), co-founder of Coursera, chief scientist of the Chinese research giant Baidu until the beginning of 2017, Andrew Ng is – logically – considered a luminous in the community. international artificial intelligence.

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Ng has just announced the creation of the AI ​​Fund, a fund which aims to finance and incubate start-ups working on machine learning. It will be endowed with $ 175 million. Supporters of the initiative include NEA, Sequoia, Greylock Partners, and SoftBank.