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PayPal continues to climb on the stock market. The American online payment giant, which has seen its share soar by nearly 80% this year, has just taken a new step by reaching $ 86 billion on Wall Street. This capitalization allows it to exceed that of American Express, which stands at 82 billion dollars. PayPal can now see further and even afford the luxury of overtaking Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs banks, which have market capitalizations of $ 93 billion and $ 94 billion, respectively.

CONFIDENTIEL PayPal American Express Brexit vs Once AMF and ICO

Independent of eBay since 2015, PayPal reported 2016 revenue of $ 10.84 billion, up 17.2%. At the same time, the online payment specialist posted a net profit of $ 1.41 billion, or 14% more in a year. This year, PayPal has not weakened, notably with a 54% increase in mobile payments via its services in the third quarter, which represents around 40 billion dollars.

Back to the fold. The Once dating application created in 2015 by Jean Meyer, Leo Gruenstein, Guillaume Sempé and Guilhem Duché, had decided to go to London for financial and human questions. Thus, the start-up was able to recruit an international team, a major asset when we know that the company is present in 7 countries. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Brexit and Macron in France, the founders made a radical decision, that of coming to settle in Paris.

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In a blog post, Jean Meyer, explains this choice by a “disastrous” signal sent by the United Kingdom since the Brexit vote. While in France, “the election of the new president sent a strong signal to French entrepreneurs“. He adds that the various new decrees concerning work encouraged him to come back. “Changes in contractual dismissal rules, the operation of industrial courts and changes in dismissal policies seem to constitute a real guarantee in the event of economic difficulties.“.

Already 16 of the employees have settled in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The other 15 should join them before the end of the year. Only 3 of the employees refused to follow them.

The position of the French Stock Exchange policeman was expected: the AMF issued a press release on Thursday in which it gives its opinion on ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which have enjoyed tremendous success for a little over a year.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers qualifies these transactions as “risky“And”reserved for an informed public“. After a preliminary study, the AMF considers that while some of the ICOs observed could fall under existing legal provisions (regulations applicable to intermediaries in various goods, to the public offering of financial securities or to alternative investment fund managers, in particular), most of these issues would remain, in the current state of the law, outside its scope.

1605358936 586 CONFIDENTIEL PayPal American Express Brexit vs Once AMF and ICO

This is why the AMF is launching its public consultation, to gather the opinions of professionals in the sector, until December 22. Three avenues are envisaged for supervising ICOs: guide to good practices, extension of the scope of existing texts to understand ICOs as offers of securities to the public;
new legislation specific to ICOs. The AMF also announces in its press release the launch of a program to support and research fundraising in digital assets, called Unicorn.

To deepen the subject, we recommend that you read Florence G’sell’s contribution which reviews the ICO phenomenon, and its risks, as illustrated by the Tezos affair, whose founders are fighting over the $ 232 million raised in July 2017.

Did you know that 22% of recruitments would fail due to poor integration? This is the problem that USE.HR. Created by Laurent Balssa (previously director of development of FrenchWeb #LaFamiglia) and Thierry Verrecchia, this SaaS solution aims to organize arrivals, help integrate your employees and disseminate your corporate values ​​from day one. Visit USE.HR to find out more, with 3 onboarding offered.

1605358937 379 CONFIDENTIEL PayPal American Express Brexit vs Once AMF and ICO
Laurent Balssa, co-founder of USE.HR

French Morning wants to see beyond North America. The online magazine has just raised $ 300,000 in equity crowdfunding via MicroVentures, with the support of the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. To carry out this operation, the media benefited from the support of 191 investors, with an average ticket of 1,200 dollars, who subscribed for an amount of 235,000 dollars via the MicroVentures platform and 65,000 dollars directly. These investors now represent 15% of French Morning shareholders.

1605358938 285 CONFIDENTIEL PayPal American Express Brexit vs Once AMF and ICO

Created in 2007, the online magazine is aimed at the community of French expatriates who seek to better understand the culture of their host country while continuing to follow the news of their country of origin. Today, French Morning boasts a community of 60,000 subscribed readers with nearly 300,000 unique visitors per month. Currently, the online media covers six major US regions.

This fundraising should allow French Morning to finance its international expansion. After opening a branch in Montreal last May, the online magazine is preparing for its launch in London in the coming weeks. Subsequently, French Morning wants its development in other cities of the world in the coming months, mainly in Europe and Asia.

Groupe ADSN recherche son Chef de Projet Web AMOA (H/F)

Depuis plus de 30 ans, le Groupe ADSN (Association pour le Développement du Service Notarial), conçoit et développe des produits et services destinés à la profession notariale. Reconnus pour la qualité de nos prestations, notre éthique et notre professionnalisme ; nous savons garantir à nos clients le haut niveau d’exigence qu’ils attendent.

Depuis sa création, le Groupe ADSN a bâti une culture d’entreprise fondée sur la confiance, le partage, le développement des compétences.

Etre Chef de projet Web AMOA au sein de l’ADSN, c’est :

Etre l’interface avec les équipes métiers et techniques, prendre en charge la gestion de différents projets liés à tous les produits digitaux de la société (ergonomie de site internet , …outils numériques, contenus, plans de référencement…).

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