[CONFIDENTIEL] New bitcoin record, Waymo vs. Uber, the new Microsoft campus …

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As we told you yesterday, bitcoin has just passed the very symbolic $ 10,000 mark. And the voices that rise to conjecture the bubble and call for vigilance in the face of the euphoria of the moment hardly seem to find an echo. The price of cryptocurrency indeed seems to be rising faster and faster: this morning, bitcoin had reached a new (new new ad lib) all-time high at $ 10,831.75, according to the site CoinDesk, taking 10% in just 24 hours. For the record, a bitcoin was worth 6 cents seven years ago and less than $ 1,000 at the start of this year.

CONFIDENTIEL New bitcoin record Waymo vs Uber the new Microsoft

In addition, the founder of the famous tech site TechCrunch Michael arrington, announced Tuesday at a cryptocurrency event in New York the launch of an Arrington XRP Capital fund, for which it has already raised $ 50 million out of the planned 100. This fund will be intended to invest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) as well as in start-ups based on blockchain technology. It will be denominated in ripple (XRP), considered the third or fourth cryptocurrency in the world, after bitcoin, ether and bitcoin cash.

“A year ago, I was just a cryptography enthusiast”, writes Michael Arrington in a blog post. He says he bought his first bitcoin in July 2013, for the (now modest) sum of $ 102.41 and invested 10% of his personal fortune in cryptocurrencies. “I’m turning my career upside down today to focus entirely on cryptocurrencies and their associated technologies. It’s not just a short-term goal. With this new fund, I indicate my intention to spend the rest of my career on this subject. ”

However, criticism of bitcoin remains numerous, especially (and quite logically) among historical players in global finance: the CEO of JPMorgan Chase regularly calls it a scam, Larry Fink CEO of BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world. world, thinks it is primarily a money laundering tool, while the boss of Credit Suisse recently called the phenomenon a bubble.

Waymo and Uber will have to wait before being fixed. Scheduled to open on December 4, the trial between the two parties has finally been postponed. No new date has yet been set. To justify the postponement of the trial, the American justice indicated to Waymo and Uber that a new element had been brought to the file. And in the eyes of Judge William Alsup, in charge of the case, this new element deserves additional time for reflection.

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According to US media, the new item in question is a letter written by a former Uber employee, Richard Jacobs, in which he claims that the VTC platform had a system in place to spy on its competitors and regulators. To do this, he explains that Uber had created a division called “Marketplace Analytics”. In order to hide its methods, the VTC platform used secret servers and terminals acquired from external companies, to avoid arousing suspicion. Functioning as a veritable intelligence cell, the employees used an encrypted and ephemeral messaging application, and were even trained not to crack in case of questioning.

If the veracity of this document is proven, it could be particularly devastating for the future of Uber, already pinned for having concealed for a year the existence of a mass hack, which affected 50 million customers and 7 million of drivers.

Since the launch in February of the legal proceedings, initiated by Waymo, the Google subsidiary has accused the firm now headed by Dara Khosrowshahi of having stolen its intellectual property. The Alphabet entity claims to have evidence that Anthony Levandowski, co-founder of Otto, Uber’s autonomous truck subsidiary, downloaded more than 14,000 confidential files while working at Google. For the damage suffered, Waymo is claiming nearly $ 1.9 billion in damages from Uber.

This Tuesday, November 28 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens announced their collaboration around the E-Fan X project. The 3 companies will work together on a hybrid aircraft engine prototype.

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The E-Fan X project

The companies each have a well-defined role: Airbus will assemble the various components and will be responsible for controlling the hybrid electric propulsion system and the batteries; Rolls-Royce will take care of the turbine engine, the two megawatt generator and the electronics; Finally, Siemens will have to deliver the two megawatts of electric motors and their electronic control unit, as well as the DC / DC converter and the energy distribution system.

The engine should be in working order in 2020 after being tested on BAe 146 planes. Eventually, the engine will be used for planes that will carry between 50 and 100 passengers. “We see hybrid electric propulsion as a compelling technology for the future of aviation”, Announced Paul Eremenko, chief technology officer at Airbus.

Airbus, Rolls-Royce, and Siemens team up for electric future Partnership launches E-Fan X hybrid-electric flight demonstrator

The Apple Park of the Apple brand has obviously given ideas to other digital giants. Microsoft has announced its plan to reconfigure its emblematic Redmond campus. Completion of the site will take between five and seven years and will create space to accommodate 8,000 additional employees.

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On this occasion, François Hisquin unveiled the first names of the speakers, we will find this year: Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics and Etienne Klein, physicist at CEA, both already present last year and whose talks had been acclaimed. We will also find Jeremy Rifkin, American economist, Sir Ken Robinson, expert on the subject of education, Ricardo Sabatini, Data Scientist and entrepreneur, who predicts the face of people thanks to their DNA, or Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics , which develops robots such as Spot. More “unexpected”, Kenneth Lacovara, paleontologist, will talk about his discoveries concerning dinosaurs.