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N26 announces the compatibility of its Mastercard with Apple Pay, available for a year in France. The 100,000 French users simply have to add their bank card to the mobile payment system to pay with their iPhone. “The craze for Apple Pay marks the success of the mobile, which is now establishing itself as a bank and a means of payment», Analyzes Jérémie Rosselli, General Manager France of N26.

CONFIDENTIEL N26 Apple Pay Cryptominute WeWork iPhone X
Jérémie Rosselli, General Manager France

The French do not seem to be the only ones to request this new means of payment. Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, announced this weekend at the Money 20/20 conference that the mobile payment solution will be launched in Denmark, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates in the coming days. According to company data, the service accounts for 90% of all contactless mobile transactions globally, where the service is available. The functionality is present in 20 different sectors, a geographical scope which represents 70% of the global volume of transactions.

In the United States, the use of the service for everyday purchases such as coffee or transport is booming. “Apple Pay is the future of everyday spendingJennifer Bailey added.

Apple Pay now in 20 markets, nabs 90% of all mobile contactless transactions where active

If you follow the news of cryptocurrencies, you are probably familiar with the principle of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). These fundraising in virtual currencies are all the rage, or controversy, depending on the point of view. During an ICO, a virtual currency is issued, in the form of tokens. These tokens (or tokens) are put on sale by the company that organizes the operation, most often payable in bitcoin or ether.

The tokens are intended to give a right of use on the product or service they finance, like a prepayment. But they can also give rise to speculative use, since they can be sold and bought on exchange platforms provided for this purpose.

1605359299 579 CONFIDENTIEL N26 Apple Pay Cryptominute WeWork iPhone X

Token Report analyzed 226 ICOs: only 10% of tokens sold are actually used on the services that issued them. This low use could have consequences, especially for the authorities. Tokens could then be considered as financial assets, and as such, subject to regulation.

In 2017, more than 200 ICOs enabled startups to raise the equivalent of more than $ 3 billion, according to CoinSchedule. September is one of the most active months: $ 850 million in 37 transactions. To date, more than 1,000 virtual currencies have been identified.

CONFIDENTIEL N26 Apple Pay Cryptominute WeWork iPhone X

Only One in 10 Tokens Is In Use Following Initial Coin Offerings

WeWork strengthens its offer to offer more than just a workspace to start-ups. Indeed, the company, now valued at $ 20 billion, announced the acquisition of Flatiron School. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Launched in 2012, this New York school offers immersion training in software development, allowing students to learn to code in a few months. By getting their hands on the Flatiron School, WeWork will allow entrepreneurs who work in its workspaces to expand their skills. Adam Neumann, co-founder and CEO of the office rental giant, has announced that employees and members of WeWork will now have access to courses at the Flatiron School, both physically and online.

1605359301 992 CONFIDENTIEL N26 Apple Pay Cryptominute WeWork iPhone X

WeWork thus reinforces the idea of ​​community that the network of workspaces has wanted to emerge since its creation. “In Flatiron, we’ve found a partner who shares our vision of connecting people, across space, design, technology and community, and understands that these connections are what humanly make the way we work and live.Said Adam Neumann.

In order to begin the collaboration between the two entities in the best conditions, the Flatiron School signed an agreement a week ago with the Attorney General of New York. This aims to regularize the situation of the school as it worked unlicensed from the New York State Department of Education and promoted misinformation regarding the hiring rate and average salary of the school. departure of its graduates. Amount of compliance: $ 375,000.

Steve Wozniak is in no particular hurry to test the latest flagship of the company he co-founded with Steve Jobs more than 40 years ago. On the sidelines of the Money 20/20 conference which is currently being held in Las Vegas, Wozniak, follower of the upgrade of the first day, declared that he would pass this time his turn. He is satisfied with his iPhone 8 which he says he is very satisfied, adding in passing in a nice passive-aggressive tackle that he is “Hardly different from the iPhone 7, which itself was hardly different from the iPhone 6.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he won’t be upgrading to the iPhone X right away from CNBC.

Wozniak added that he was skeptical of how Face ID works and was asking to see. He won’t have to go very far for that, because he also made it clear that his wife would buy the iPhone X, her.

IPhone X pre-orders will open on October 27. While many rumors have circulated regarding production difficulties, the smartphone will also be available for sale in Apple Stores in 55 countries and territories, starting November 3, at 8:00 a.m. local time: in a communicated released today, Apple even recommends to interested customers “To arrive early”.