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by bold-lichterman

The Aufeminin group has just announced the acquisition of 17.6% of the capital of My Little Paris, to now hold 91.3% of the shares of the company. According to our information, this equity investment was made on the basis of a valuation of nearly 140 million euros.

Since its takeover in 2013, My Little Paris has grown from 13 million euros in turnover to over 45 million, boosted by the contribution of boxes.

Founded by Fany Péchiodat, Amandine Péchiodat, Kanako Kuno, Celine Orjubin and Anne Flore Chapellier, My Little Paris brings together a community of more than 4 million people and has more than 130 employees.

Wattpad, the social network dedicated to collaborative writing, is about to receive funding of around $ 50 million from the Chinese giant Tencent. The operation should be finalized in the coming weeks to value the Canadian company launched in 2006 at around $ 400 million.

CONFIDENTIEL My Little Paris Wattpad Tencent Microsoft Facebook Bitcoin Gold

At the same time, Wattpad intends to follow the same path as other streaming content platforms, such as Spotify, by launching its paid offer. The premium version of the social network will cost $ 5.99 per month, or $ 60 per year, and will remove advertising.

Currently, Wattpad claims 60 million monthly users around the world, who spend more than 15 billion minutes per month reading stories on the platform. To date, Wattpad users have downloaded more than 400 million stories, according to the company. In April 2014, during its $ 46 million round table, Wattpad had barely 25 million users, who spent 6 billion minutes per month on the platform. What a story…

This is Recode which reminds us: October 24, 2007, Microsoft to invest $ 240 million in Facebook, in exchange for 1.6% stake. It was ten years ago (a century, an eternity, as Joe Dassin would say): the iPhone had just been released, people were still talking about web 2.0 to designate social, Facebook had 50 million users. Two years earlier, in 2005, Mark Zuckerberg had offered to sell it to MySpace for $ 75 million, an offer refused by CEO Chris DeWolfe.

At the time, Microsoft’s takeover had caused a stir: already because the Redmond firm had won a tough game against Google, which was also in the running, and also because the deal valued Facebook at $ 15 billion, which sounded completely delusional.

CONFIDENTIEL My Little Paris Wattpad Tencent Microsoft Facebook Bitcoin Gold
Source: Recode

Ten years later, where are we? Facebook has grown into one of the largest communications products in history, and one of the best-run companies in Silicon Valley. It has more than 2 billion users, and has multiplied its valuation by 30, to 508 billion dollars, barely 100 billion less than Microsoft’s own market cap … Even if the primary objective of the investment (to strengthen itself in the advertising market against Google) was not met, since the new CEO Satya Nadella has mainly focused his efforts on software, it is clear that the operation was interesting, to say the least.

We no longer stop Bitcoin, which has reached a new all-time high on Saturday, passing the $ 6,100 mark, to $ 6,147.07. The flight is largely due to the next hard fork (split) scheduled for October 24, which will give rise to a new cryptocurrency a week later, Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Indeed, on this occasion, the owners of bitcoin will receive an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Gold free of charge.

However, some specialists point out that after the previous fork of August that led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, “classic” Bitcoin continued to perform.

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Bitcoin smashes through $ 6,100 to hit a new record high