[CONFIDENTIEL] Lyft, Peter Thiel and Facebook, Alibaba, Futur en Seine …

by bold-lichterman

According to documents obtained by the American site Axios, Lyft is reportedly looking to raise an additional $ 500 million. A month ago, the American VTC platform announced that it had raised a billion dollars from Capital G, Alphabet’s investment fund, Google’s parent company. If this deal goes through, Lyft would be valued at $ 11.5 billion.

CONFIDENTIEL Lyft Peter Thiel and Facebook Alibaba Futur en Seine
Credit: Lyft

Meanwhile, Uber’s rival has obtained official authorization to conduct self-driving car trials in California.

Lyft is raising another $ 500 million

First major investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel is gradually reducing his shares in Mark Zuckerberg’s firm. The co-founder of PayPal has just sold three quarters of the shares he has left in the social network. However, this operation is not surprising since it falls within the framework of a plan agreed upstream with Facebook.

CONFIDENTIEL Lyft Peter Thiel and Facebook Alibaba Futur en Seine

Peter Thiel sold 160,805 shares for approximately $ 29 million. Previously, the American entrepreneur had already sold more than a billion dollars of securities. When Facebook went public in 2012, it sold $ 640 million in shares, before selling it for an additional $ 400 million later that year, then for $ 100 million per year. past. Peter Thiel now owns 59,912 Class A shares in Facebook.

In 2004, the co-founder of PayPal was noticed by injecting 500,000 dollars into the social network. As a shareholder of Facebook, Peter Thiel has a seat on the board of directors of the social network. However, he finds himself more and more isolated since he gave his support to Donald Trump. The other members of the board of directors even demanded his departure but Mark Zuckerberg opposed it, in the name of the diversity of opinions. Now with only a small stake in Facebook’s capital, compared to what he owned before, Peter Thiel is unlikely to stay on the board for much longer.

The Shenzhen court managed to break the sales record on Taobao. The auction platform is used by the Chinese justice to liquidate legal sales. This time, two Boeing 747s were offered to Internet users.

The two planes have thus found a buyer via this site belonging to the giant Alibaba. They were owned by the freight company Jade Cargo International which went bankrupt in September 2013. On 6 occasions, the courts tried to sell them without success.

1605352939 216 CONFIDENTIEL Lyft Peter Thiel and Facebook Alibaba Futur en Seine
Image of one of the two Boeing auctioned

Sure Taobao, the two planes were sold for 20 million euros each in front of 800,000 Internet users. The freight company SF Airlines belonging to delivery specialist SF Express won the auction ahead of 25 competitors. “These successful sales of Boeing 747s are good examples to follow for judicial sales of aircraft», Rejoiced the vice-president of the court.

Created by Cap Digital, Futur en Seine has been presenting the latest French and international innovations since 2009 to professionals and the general public.

1605352939 890 CONFIDENTIEL Lyft Peter Thiel and Facebook Alibaba Futur en Seine

In “Desire for openness and international deployment”, the event is transformed under a new brand “FUTUR.ES”, which will take place throughout the year, with two major events, FUTUR.ES in Africa, on March 1 and 2, 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco and FUTUR.ES Paris, June 21 to 23, 2018 at the Grande Halle de la Villette.