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It is on Twitter that Jean-Baptiste Rudelle has chosen to announce his new entrepreneurial challenge: instant urban carpooling.

On the Less.com site, we learn that the project brings together “a team of enthusiasts, with a wide range of expertise, ranging from the creation and distribution of consumer applications to massive data analysis, including the design of on-board services in vehicles. We want to allow everyone to move easily in the city, without constraints, and in an ecological approach, in short, to consume less, but better.

Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, co-founder of the French champion Criteo, valued at $ 2.7 billion on the Nasdaq, left the operational management of the company in January 2016, to take the executive chairmanship.

US cities are currently fighting for Amazon’s second headquarters, dubbed Amazon HQ2. Municipalities and regions have until October 19 to apply. To stand out, the candidates are not lacking in originality: giant Amazon boxes in Birmingham or a 6.5-meter-high cactus in Tucson.

Little Rock, based in Arkansas, was also interested, but eventually changed her mind. The city has decided to explain this choice in an original way. She published a full-page letter in the Washington post, owned by Jeff Bezos, to explain why between Amazon and her, it does not match:

CONFIDENTIEL JB Rudelle Amazon HQ2 Samsung Jupiter SoftBank Facebook

In this letter, Little Rocks explains why the city does not meet Amazon’s requirements. “Amazon, you have so much everything going for you that you will eventually find what you are looking for. But it’s just not us“.

The idea for the campaign came from Jay Chesshir, President and CEO of the Chamber, and Millie Ward, President of Stone Ward. “It’s a loving greeting on how we want to do things in our city, and about the great companies that are here, and all the companies that we would like to see come here.», Explains Millie Ward.

The communication campaign was carried out by a local agency, Stone Ward. It also includes an aerial banner positioned above Amazon’s headquarters with the writing: “Hey Amazon, it’s not you, it’s us», A video and website featuring 15 Reasons Businesses to Love Little Rock. “Lots of big companies in America, whose names you know, have come to our site, which they probably would not have done before.”Says Millie Ward.

Thanks but No Thanks. How Little Rock Won by Saying No to Amazon

After a chaotic 2016 marked by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung takes its head out of the water in 2017. And in what way! In the third quarter, the South Korean manufacturer generated net proceeds of 11.15 billion euros, almost three times more than last year at the same period, when Samsung suffered the woes of the Galaxy Note 7. In the At the same time, the chaebol achieved a turnover of 47.5 billion euros, up 30% compared to 2016.

Samsung owes much of its strong quarterly results to its semiconductor design and production division. This has in fact made it possible to generate 69% of its operating profits. Samsung can count on the sale of NAND and DRAM memory chips, which are present on most smartphones on the market.

Confident in this segment, the Asian conglomerate estimates that it will invest a total of 22.7 billion euros to improve its production capacities of these semiconductors. An envelope of 11 billion euros will also be released for the production of Oled panels to anticipate the growing demand for more flexible screens for smartphones. In addition to semiconductors, the mobile division is also doing very well, accounting for nearly 23% of the South Korean group’s profits. Mission accomplished for the Galaxy Note 8, which dismissed the (explosive) memory of its predecessor.

CONFIDENTIEL JB Rudelle Amazon HQ2 Samsung Jupiter SoftBank Facebook

Although the company has resumed its cruising speed, the fact remains that the excitement remains within the staff of Samsung. The South Korean giant has been in turmoil for several months because of the affair affecting Lee Jae-yong, grandson of the founder of Samsung. The latter was found guilty of corruption, embezzlement and perjury in a large scandal that rocked South Korea and led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. For the charges against him, Lee Jae-yong was sentenced to 5 years in prison. In addition, Kwon Oh-hyun, one of Samsung’s three CEOs, announced a few weeks ago that he would be leaving the group in 2018 to make way for “a younger management“.

By younger, do not think of Emmanuel Macron and his 39 years, but rather of Kim Ki-nam, 59, who will take the direction of the branch in charge of the components, as well as Koh Dong-jin and Kim Hyun -suk, both 56 years old, who will respectively take the reins of the division dedicated to computer and mobile products, and consumer electronics.

Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is teaming up with Facebook and Amazon (among others) to build a new trans-Pacific submarine cable. 8,700 miles (approximately 14,000 km) long, Jupiter will link Asia to North America.

The Jupiter cable will terminate at two points in Japan – at Shima in Mie Prefecture and Maruyama in Chiba Prefecture – as well as Daet in the Philippines and Los Angeles in the United States.

1605357981 936 CONFIDENTIEL JB Rudelle Amazon HQ2 Samsung Jupiter SoftBank Facebook
Photo credit: TE Connectivity Ltd.

The operator NTT, a Japanese competitor of SoftBank, is also part of the project, which should be completed in 2020. Promising a capacity of 60 tbps, it will allow Amazon and Facebook to establish their ambitions in cloud computing and NTT to do so. interconnect to connect major cities across Asia and the United States with a “secure and reliable international network”. The consortium chose TE SubCom to install the cable.

Last September, Microsoft and Facebook announced the successful deployment of Marea, the 160TB / sec transatlantic Internet cable.