[CONFIDENTIEL] ICO Telegram, Blackout at CES 2018, Google buys Redux, Venture capital in the US …

by bold-lichterman

Update Wednesday January 17, 2018 (10:30 am): Yesterday evening, the crypto community raised the possibility of a scam around the ICO Telegram, based in particular on the response of Pavel Durov questioned on Twitter about the reality of the gramtoken.io site.

CONFIDENTIEL ICO Telegram Blackout at CES 2018 Google buys
Twitter capture

No other official information was released. According to our latest information, even if the site is fraudulent, the operation on the other hand is real.


We mentioned earlier this week the next Telegram ICO, which promises to break all records (we are talking about 3 to 5 billion dollars). Encrypted messaging is looking to develop its own blockchain ecosystem, called Telegram Open Network (TON), with its native cryptocurrency, the Gram. The ICO is scheduled for March 2018.

The white paper primer (23 pages) of the operation is now available online.

Telegram is not the first messenger to look at blockchain and ICOs. Last September, the Kik application raised $ 99 million during the marketing of its token, the Kin.

And meanwhile, at CES in Las Vegas, it looks like the breaker has tripped. A harmless power cut, but which takes on a comical and symbolic dimension, when it touches the world high mass of electronics. So this is how the flashiest screens have been plunged into darkness and many connected speakers have been silenced for more than two hours. The cut was due to heavy rains that hit the region.

Artificial intelligence or not, when you think about it, you are very little compared to the elements.

CONFIDENTIEL ICO Telegram Blackout at CES 2018 Google buys

Google quietly acquired Redux, a British start-up, via one of its Irish subsidiaries. The latter is developing a technology that transforms surfaces, such as mobile screens, into speakers. The company thus eliminates the integration of small speakers, which frees up space for other components.

According to its LinkedIn page, Redux, which raised $ 5 million in March 2017, filed 178 patents.

This takeover will logically allow Google to develop its range of mobiles and connected speakers.

According to a report published by PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association, $ 84 billion was injected by US venture capitalists in 2017, into 8,035 companies across the United States. It’s a record since the era dot com at the end of the 90s. Observers agree, however, that the current context and the ecosystem are healthier than at the time of the bubble. Remarkable fact: while the amounts invested reached a high point, the number of transactions fell to the lowest since 2012.

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Source: Pitchbook

Thus Pitchbook notes that 23% of the amount invested was dedicated to unicorns, or $ 19 billion, while they only represent less than 1% of the volume of transactions. It is therefore companies with advanced maturity, with strong customer traction, that attract investors the most. Despite everything, sectors with strong disruptive potential, such as virtual and augmented realities, artificial intelligence, IoT or FinTech, can generate large-scale investments.

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