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Are you familiar with blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies? Or are you a woman and you know yourselves in Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies? This job is for you. In a post published on his site Thursday, and spotted by Bloomberg, the European Central Bank says it is looking for a specialist in these technologies for its infrastructure and payments division. And in order to promote diversity in its teams, the ECB encourages women to apply.

“This position offers you excellent opportunities to study new technologies like DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) and AI in a dynamic environment and to explore the opportunities and challenges arising from new technologies from a business perspective. central bank. “

Blockchain is obviously a subject for the Central Bank. Mario Draghi, its president, said that the institution, which sets monetary policies at the European level, is carefully monitoring innovation resulting from Blockchain-type protocols – even though he considers that “Cryptocurrencies are not a threat to central banks. ”

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CONFIDENTIEL How many unicorns in 2017 the ECB and the
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57. This is the number of start-ups that have joined the closed circle of unicorns, these start-ups whose valuation reaches one billion dollars, according to PitchBook data relayed by the specialized American site recode.

This year, seven companies lost their horns, against three in 2016. The Honest Company or Prosper thus saw their valuation drop below one billion dollars following their new rounds of funding, while on the exit side, Souq.com was bought by Amazon for 650 million dollars and Apple just bought Shazam for around $ 400 million.

Far from being mediocre, the performance of 2017 did not however reach the record of 2015, when there were 81 new creatures in the club. Among the remarkable entries of the past year, however, are the social platform Reddit, the crypto marketplace and wallet Coinbase, the VTC Careem, or the biotech company Gingko Bioworks which raised $ 275 million last week.

CONFIDENTIEL How many unicorns in 2017 the ECB and the
Source: PitchBook / recode

According to PitchBook, there are currently 227 active unicorns around the world.

Like any good self-respecting American firm, Snap wants to set itself up as a nugget propellant. To do this, the parent company of Snapchat has announced the launch of a program, called “Snap Accelerate», To support start-ups in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Three months ago, the Californian company launched a similar program for start-ups based in the United States.

The “Snap Accelerate” program offers three types of pack: “Scale”, “Sprint” and “Kickstart”. Snap indicates that the services offered range from $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 depending on the type of program chosen by the start-up. To be selected by the American firm, young shoots must have already raised funds and be at an advanced stage of growth. Given the positioning of Snapchat, the Californian company will favor start-ups developing mobile platforms.

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Currently in bad shape, Snap is seeking to diversify to boost its advertising revenue. The “Snap Accelerate” program could help it in this direction by allowing the company to reach more advertisers. In addition, around a third of Snapchat’s 178 million daily users are located in Europe, hence the geographic positioning of this new program.

In the third quarter, Snap saw its net loss more than triple to $ 443 million. In addition, the company’s spending exploded within a year, from $ 260 million to $ 670 million. Beyond the disappointing financial results, Snap is struggling to attract new users to its mobile application. Between July and September, Snapchat only gained 4.5 million users, reaching 178 million followers. To relaunch, the American firm announced at the end of November the overhaul of the interface of the ephemeral messaging application.

The rivalry between Google and Amazon is (again) taking a new turn. After YouTube’s removal from the Echo Show and Echo Spot, has the e-commerce giant decided to retaliate by creating its own video-sharing service? Or would it be just a stroke of bluff, the nth episode of the conflict between the two titans?

The site TV Answer Man spotted two patents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Amazon. They were entrusted last May but the request was not registered until December 5. The first concept is called AmazonTube and the second OpenTube. The documents leave a priori no doubt about the objectives of these platforms. These services will provide “pre-recorded and non-downloadable audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks on a variety of consumer topics“. Amazon has also registered the following domain names: AlexaOpenTube.com, AmazonAlexaTube.com and AmazonOpenTube.com. To see what concrete follow-up will give Amazon to this project.

Remember that Amazon is already working in video via its SVoD service Amazon Prime Video and Twitch, the video game streaming platform, which it bought in 2014.

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