[CONFIDENTIEL] Hedy Lamarr, Bitcoin and Segwit2x, Axa, Senioradom, Bethewone …

by bold-lichterman

A documentary dedicated to the life of Hedy Lamarr, an actress in Hollywood’s golden age, will premiere in London this Wednesday, as part of the Jewish Film Festival. But the one who played Dalila in the peplum of Cecil B. de Mille was not content to play with her perfect plastic on the film sets: she also led a remarkable career as an inventor, whose work is still useful to us today.

Bombshell: the Hedy Lamarr Story, co-produced by American actress Susan Sarandon, looks back on the extraordinary journey of this woman who filed in 1942, with George Antheil, a patent for a “secret communication system” for radio-guided torpedoes, changing their frequency in order to ‘prevent their detection by enemy forces. First used by the American army (Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam …) because classified as defense, “Lamarr technology” will later be used in satellite geolocation (GPS), military encrypted links, shuttle communications space with the ground, mobile telephony or wifi. She also worked on improved traffic signs, and a system of dissolving tablets for soft drinks.

CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom Bethewone
Credit: Wikipedia

On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of his birth in 2015, Google dedicated a Doodle to him.

The cancellation of the Segwit2x fork – which would have doubled the block size to 2MB and created de facto a new version of the currency, the Bitcoin2x – weighed heavily on the price of Bitcoin this weekend: it lost 29% of its value, after having exceeded a record level at 7,800 dollars last week, before the date of the fork which was scheduled for November 16. Indeed, some investors had invested in the hope of receiving new free coins. This update abandoned, the price therefore fell to $ 5,500, before stabilizing around $ 6,500, thus recovering nearly 12%.

This is the third heavy fall for Bitcoin since the start of the year, but it is clear that virtual currency has risen each time stronger than before.

CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom Bethewone
Credit: Bloomberg

At the same time, Bitcoin Cash, the currency resulting from the fork of last August, benefited for a time from investors’ disinterest in the original Bitcoin, climbing to a historic high of $ 2,446, before falling back as dry to $ 1,135 on Monday. .

In addition, the European Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (ESMA) issued a warning on the risks of ICOs on Monday. (Initial Coin Offerings), fundraising in cryptic currency. “ESMA has observed rapid growth of ICOs around the world as well as in Europe, and is concerned that investors may not realize the high risks they are taking”, said the regulator in a statement taken up by theAFP. ESMA warns European investors that they risk being deprived of recourse in the event of litigation because most ICOs, based on decentralized blockchain technology, “Do not fall within the scope of European laws and regulations”.

1605356318 231 CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom BethewoneWe do not shake the habits of an old veteran of the insurance. One year after his arrival at AxaThomas Buberl learned it the hard way. Appointed in September 2016 at the head of the French insurance giant, the German leader intended to break the Axa model to initiate in-depth the digital transformation of the insurer. Thomas Buberl had distinguished himself by announcing last May the listing of his American activities. Scheduled for the first half of 2018, the transaction should allow Axa to sell between 20% and 30% of the capital of its American subsidiary to its investors for around 3 billion euros.

However, Thomas Buberl’s appetite for change is not really to the taste of Axa’s board of directors, according to our colleagues from BFM Business. The insurer has just announced a new simplified model of its organization to return to its fundamentals, namely health, provident and long-term savings. This new roadmap is accompanied by a reshuffle of the management team.

Note in particular, among other movements, the departure of Amélie Oudéa-Castera, marketing and digital director, recently present at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

1605356319 689 CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom Bethewone
Amélie Oudéa Castera, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer Axa, Web Summit Lisbon 2017. Credit: FrenchWeb

As part of its strategic plan for 2020, the French insurer plans to reduce its costs by 2.1 billion euros within three years.

1605356320 654 CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom Bethewone
The SeniorAdom team

The SeniorAdom company, specializing in remote assistance for the elderly, announces the acquisition of Technosens. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Created in 2007 by Thierry Chevalier, Technosens is notably developing e-lio, a box connected to a television screen which allows the elderly living at their home or staying in an establishment, to be connected to healthcare professionals or their families. All have a dedicated platform to get in touch with the person. For ease of use, e-lio relies on a remote control with only three buttons. Several services are available, from unlimited videotelephony, to sharing photos or even agendas.

Today, the acquisition of Technosens aims to strengthen the presence of SeniorAdom in supporting the elderly. “The alliance of the know-how of the two companies will allow SeniorAdom to strengthen its presence in EHPADs and senior serviced residences by providing the most complete solution on the market.», Explains Christophe Gombault, Managing Director of SeniorAdom.

Erratum: in the original version of this post, we indicated that Technosens had been acquired by Visiomed. This operation was ultimately not carried out.

If you follow the adventures of Julien Lepers, you are not without knowing that he is at the head of a brand new program Bethewone, broadcast on the channel Via (we either, we did not know, but it is on channel 34 of TNT in Ile de France).

He is also the co-founder of the start-up Dimoba, with Laurent Alexandre and Yves Mérillon. The latter is developing an application, allowing users to participate in the game show live via their phones by answering questions. The start-up claims “over 1,000 new players every day, and displays more than 16,000 unique players in one month of existence», Details Laurent Alexandre, co-founder of Bethewone.

1605356321 428 CONFIDENTIEL Hedy Lamarr Bitcoin and Segwit2x Axa Senioradom Bethewone

Today the start-up announces a fundraising of an amount of 600,000 euros. This round table was led by private investors and business angels. With this investment, the company aims to expand internationally, in particular via an application in English. Dimoba won the Start Up pitch at Tech Invest Monaco, which took place on October 5 and 6.