[CONFIDENTIEL] Fred Montagnon launches an ICO for his cryptocurrency purchasing platform Legolas Exchange

by bold-lichterman

Frédéric Montagnon launches a new generation cryptocurrency trading platform, Legolas Exchange. To finance his startup, the French entrepreneur, who has been based in New York for several years, has decided to make an ICO, the public part of which starts on February 2, 17 million dollars have already been raised from financiers and Blockchain developers. He’s aiming for an ICO of $ 50 million.

Another confidential, Fred Montagnon will speak at the end of the FrenchWeb Day Fintech, dedicated to cryptocurrencies on February 15.

According to our colleagues from BFM Business, Pierre Louette is expected to leave Orange, where he is Deputy CEO and Secretary General, to head the Les Echos / Le Parisien group, effective July 1, 2018, replacing Francis Morel.

Reorganization at the head of the Artificial Intelligence division of Facebook: the French Jerome Pesenti will replace Yann LeCun at the head of FAIR (Facebook AI Research).

LeCun, who had personally been recruited by Mark Zuckerberg to create FAIR in 2013, therefore abandons the operational management of this dedicated center. Appointed Chief AI scientist, he will now focus on driving fundamental research and AI strategy for the company.

Jérôme Pesenti, former CEO of AI start-up BenevolentTech and former head of IBM’s Watson program, will be tasked with overseeing all AI initiatives, from research & development to product.

In addition to FAIR, he will also be responsible for the AML (Applied Machine Learning) division, in charge of machine learning in the company. AML is in charge of integrating AI technologies into products such as newsfeed, whose changes are closely scrutinized and commented on.

Pesenti will report directly to Mike Schroepfer, CTO of Facebook. We do not know if he will also take up the torch of anti-Sofia projections, named after the robot media whose main intellectual faculty is to exasperate Yann LeCun to the highest point.

Also note, the departure of Gary Briggs, Chief Marketing Officer of Facebook. This former Google, who joined Facebook in 2013, wants to devote himself to business consulting and get into politics.

On Twitter, we announced the departure of number 2, Anthony Noto. The Chief Operating Officer of the platform has resigned to take over the management of the start-up FinTech SoFi. Formerly at Goldman Sachs, he had helped Twitter IPO, before taking financial direction in 2014, then general management. The news was badly received by the markets, since the title fell by almost 3% yesterday, with this announcement.

The Tribe instant video messaging app, created by Cyril Paglino and supported by Partech, Kima Ventures and Sequoia Capital pivot. From a community video chat platform recently enriched with games, it becomes a community games platform, enriched with video chat functions. The latest update of the application indeed offers a new experience, in which the user enters directly through the Game Store.

CONFIDENTIEL Fred Montagnon launches an ICO for his cryptocurrency purchasing

Nordea, the leading Nordic bank, announced Monday that it would prohibit its employees from any transaction in cryptocurrency, from February 28, 2018.

In a statement, Nordea said: “Employees are not allowed to invest in cryptocurrencies because the risks are deemed too high and the protection of employees and the bank is insufficient. “ The lack of regulation worries the bank, which fears that cryptocurrency investors may be victims of illegal practices or money laundering.

The 31,000 Nordea employees who already own bitcoins won’t be forced to sell their holdings, but Nordea recommends it. They will not be allowed to buy more.

In addition, Stripe, an American online payment start-up, announced that it was abandoning bitcoin, because of its excessive volatility. In a blog post, the company notes that bitcoin is now more of an asset category than a medium of exchange. From next April 23, no payment with cryptocurrency will be accepted. However, the company declares that it follows developments in the sector.

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