[CONFIDENTIEL] Ethereum, Altice, Tencent, WeChat, Amazon Fresh …

by bold-lichterman

Dear readers, did you know that domain names that refer to cryptocurrencies are currently a hot topic? So, ethereum.com is currently on sale for $ 10 million. In October, eth.com sold for $ 2 million.

Obviously, this inflation arouses inspiration and envy: in 2017 to date, domain name registrations containing “bitcoin” have multiplied by 4 compared to 2016, according to the American domain management and web hosting company Go Daddy Inc. For names containing “ethereum”, the factor goes up to five.

CONFIDENTIEL Ethereum Altice Tencent WeChat Amazon Fresh

Besides crypto, the other big trend, in terms of domain names, concerns everything around… marijuana. History does not say whether the combo of these two segments into one domain would multiply its market value.

To read on Bloomberg: Ethereum.com Domain Name Can Be Yours for About $ 10 Million

It will not have escaped you that the title Altice is severely heckled on the stock market: in two weeks, since the announcement of the disappointing results of SFR, the title has lost 45% of its value. The capitalization of Patrick Drahi’s group fell by 12 billion euros.

The takeover of the group by Drahi himself as chairman of the board of directors of Altice, and the vast reorganization of its governance which resulted in the departure of the CEO of SFR Michel Combes, replaced by Alain Weill, had little effect on the markets.

To explain this sudden descent into hell, in addition to the lost confidence of investors, some see it as speculative maneuvers from hedge funds, which “Shortent” the value (hear “sell it short”), in the hope of lowering it, then buy it cheaper and pocket the surplus value.

If you want to learn more about short selling, we invite you to watch “Betting on Zero” an excellent documentary on this investment strategy that Bill Ackman, CEO of the Pershing Square fund, used against Herbalife, which he accused of being a Ponzi scheme. Available on Netflix, the story looks like a financial thriller, but also explores the struggle of cheated entrepreneurs to obtain redress through the disastrous pyramid scheme.

China’s Tencent released its figures for the third quarter of this year, which ended in late September. In 3 months, the company saw its profit jump 69% to 18 billion yuan, or $ 2.72 billion. This figure far exceeds the estimates made by analysts. They predicted a gain of around 15.18 billion yuan. Now, the income of the Chinese giant is estimated at 9.8 billion dollars for this year, 61% more than last year.

1605355266 385 CONFIDENTIEL Ethereum Altice Tencent WeChat Amazon Fresh

This strong growth is notably driven by the good results of the WeChat application. The number of users continues to grow. They are now 980 million, against 938 million three months ago. The number of messages sent via this tool is also growing strongly, 25% more.

Along with the growing use of this application, the Chinese have turned strongly to mobile games. Their turnover increased by 84.2% to reach 2.75 billion dollars. One mobile game in particular was overwhelmingly successful, prompting Tencent to limit its usage time. This is Honor of Kings, a role-playing game based on Chinese historical figures.

Revenues from the PC games business are up 27% ($ 2.11 billion), as are advertising revenues, which are up 48% ($ 1.6 billion).

Amazon doesn’t just make friends in the United States. The American marketplace suspects United States Postal Service (USPS), the government postal service of the United States, of having closed Amazon Fresh, its delivery service for fresh, frozen and grocery products, in certain areas of the territory. American. Sources cited by Recode indicate that Amazon says USPS was responsible for deliveries to most of the affected areas.

1605355266 142 CONFIDENTIEL Ethereum Altice Tencent WeChat Amazon Fresh

By accusing USPS, Amazon is discrediting the US Postal Service from food brands, saying it is unreliable in delivering food, reports Recode. However, it looks like Amazon Fresh is having a blast. Earlier in November, the e-commerce juggernaut halted its Amazon Fresh services in nine U.S. states. Bad news for the marketplace, which has made groceries one of its major areas of development. Last June, Amazon notably bought the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods Market for $ 13.7 billion, Amazon’s biggest acquisition since its creation.

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