[CONFIDENTIEL] Ether, Elon Musk, Nasdaq, Uber, WeWork …

by bold-lichterman

Are you tired of bitcoin? All right, let’s talk about ether. The ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency, created by 23-year-old Russian-Canadian developer Vitalik Buterin, continues to break records. Its price reached an all-time high of $ 425.25, according to Coinmarketcap.com. The previous record was $ 414.76, reached in June 2017.

CONFIDENTIEL Ether Elon Musk Nasdaq Uber WeWork

Ether has taken over 5,000% this year, its capitalization is over $ 40 billion. For the record, that of bitcoin now reaches 137 billion dollars.

Last March, on Twitter, Elon Musk challenged Mike Cannon-Brookes, the co-founder of Atlassian, an Australian enterprise software company, about building a giant battery in Australia.

At this time in South Australia, families are suffering from recurring blackouts. To overcome this problem, Elon Musk had proposed to build the largest lithium-ion battery, with a power of 100 MW / 129MWh with 788 Powerpack systems, in less than 100 days. If he did not manage to complete the building on time, the contractor had promised that he would provide the energy for free. The work began on September 29.

This bet could have cost him $ 50 million but Tesla rose to the challenge. Thursday, on Twitter, Elon Musk congratulated his teams:

The place will be officially opened next week. The Prime Minister of South Australia Jay Weatherill is already welcoming this operation. “While others are just talking, we are implementing our energy plan to make South Australia more self-sufficient and secure its electricity supply at more affordable prices.», He expressed himself in a Press release.

The construction of the battery is part of an AU $ 510 million plan to ensure access to energy in the sector. Tesla’s offer was chosen among the 90 other proposals. The American company built the battery with the help of Neoen, a French SME specializing in renewable energies. The giant battery should be able to power 30,000 homes.

Elon Musk’s New Battery Just Won Him a $ 50 Million Bet

This is what we call the end of the year in apotheosis for Square. The company, which specializes in mobile payments and founded by Jack Dorsey, has had a spectacular year on Wall Street. And for good reason, Square’s share price has risen 232% since the start of the year, according to FactSet data shared by Recode. This stock market growth places the company far ahead of the Chinese giants Tencent (+ 121%) and Alibaba (+ 114%) or the Americans Netflix (+ 57%), Facebook (+ 55%), Amazon (+ 50%) and Apple. (+ 47%). A few days ago, Square’s capitalization even surpassed that of Twitter, Jack Dorsey’s other company.

1605352657 86 CONFIDENTIEL Ether Elon Musk Nasdaq Uber WeWorkSince its IPO, Square’s capitalization has quadrupled to its current level. At the same time, Twitter’s has fallen almost 40% from the close of its first day on Wall Street five years ago. Fixed at $ 26 per IPO, Twitter’s share reached $ 44.9 at the end of its first day on the New York stock market, valuing the social network in total at 24.9 billions of dollars.

Despite their trajectories which have just crossed on the stock market, none of the companies is yet profitable. In 2016, Square conceded a net loss of $ 62 million while Twitter lost $ 457 million at the same time. Founded in 2009, Square, which has developed a solution allowing merchants to accept payments by bank cards through a reader connected to a smartphone, therefore seems in a better position to (finally) offer Jack Dorsey his first profits. .

Former Sony Corp. Masami Takahashi is leaving Uber Japan to join WeWork. He took over the presidency of the Japanese subsidiary of the VTC platform in 2014, gaining a certain fame for having often represented the company at conferences or on television. Uber is struggling to make a significant breakthrough in Japan, capturing just 1% of monthly trips in Tokyo. In Japan, the taxi market was estimated at $ 25 billion in 2015.

CONFIDENTIEL Ether Elon Musk Nasdaq Uber WeWork

Takahashi Joins WeWork, to Launch Workspace Provider Business. The startup, which raised $ 4.4 billion from SoftBank, is now valued at $ 20 billion. It pursues an active policy of international expansion, with 10 to 20 sites planned in Tokyo, three of which will open in February 2018.

SoftBank is also considering a $ 10 billion investment in Uber.