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by bold-lichterman

Olivier Bonnet, one of the former iCloud managers at Apple, joins BlaBlaCar as VP engineering.

Olivier Bonnet spent more than ten years at Apple as a software engineer manager. Arrived in 2004 as an engineer, after studying at the Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech, he joined the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California in 2012, to manage the operating systems teams responsible for the development of iCloud. .

CONFIDENTIEL BlaBlaCar JDCOM Cryptominute iPhone X Qualcomm vs Apple

His arrival comes at a key moment for BlaBlaCar: after a phase of international expansion, the startup is now focusing its efforts on innovation and technical development of its platform. Based in Paris, Olivier Bonnet will be responsible for accelerating innovation and improving the
service, with all the technical teams. He will report directly to Francis Nappez, co-founder
and Technical Director of BlaBlaCar.

BlaBlaCar now has 50 million members in 22 countries, 15 million travelers per quarter and an application downloaded more than 30 million times.

According to our information, JD.com will soon open offices in Paris and London. A country manager for France is being recruited.

CONFIDENTIEL BlaBlaCar JDCOM Cryptominute iPhone X Qualcomm vs Apple

JD.com, China’s number two e-commerce company, achieved sales of $ 37.5 billion in 2016 and claims 226 million active annual customers. JD.com is often referred to as“Chinese Amazon” : like the American actor, he directly distributes the products, in addition to his marketplace. Alibaba’s rival also aims to differentiate itself through customer service. Tencent, operator of WeChat, the messenger with 963 million monthly active users, and Wal-Mart, the American giant of mass distribution, respectively hold 20% and 10% of the capital of JD.com. The e-merchant recently launched TopLife, a platform dedicated to luxury.

According to a survey by MotherBoard, as the price of bitcoin rises, so does energy consumption. Bitcoin is based on the validation of blocks by “miners”, via a protocol “Proof of work”. To validate these blocks, voluntary miners must solve cryptographic operations using their computer resources. The first to find the solution (“Proof of work”) is paid in bitcoin. With the rise in prices, the activity can therefore become very lucrative, but also more and more energy-intensive, because some are now industrializing it, by creating farms of servers dedicated to mining.

Alex de Vries, analyst specializing in cryptocurrencies, calculated that at the current price level, it would still be profitable for bitcoin miners to consume more than 24 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, or the equivalent of annual consumption. of Nigeria (186 million inhabitants).

1605357736 488 CONFIDENTIEL BlaBlaCar JDCOM Cryptominute iPhone X Qualcomm vs Apple

Still according to de Vries, each bitcoin transaction would require 215 KWh (300,000 per day at the moment), which is roughly the weekly consumption of an American household. Another benchmark, the volume of energy consumed by miners around the world, at any time t, could be enough to supply electricity to 2.26 million American homes.

Other more optimistic measures estimate the energy consumed per transaction at a lower 77 kWh, which would nevertheless amount to sufficient for the daily needs of more than 800,000 American households.

To read on Motherboard: One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week

A few hours before the release of the iPhone X, 313 state-of-the-art Apple devices were stolen in San Francisco. The loot amounts to $ 370,000.

The theft took place outside the Apple Store in Stonestown while a UPS truck was delivering. Some stolen iPhone Xs were pre-orders. A person close to the file nevertheless affirms that the customers concerned will get their new phone on time. For the moment, the thieves have not yet been found.

1605357737 722 CONFIDENTIEL BlaBlaCar JDCOM Cryptominute iPhone X Qualcomm vs Apple

This event occurs the day before Apple’s announcement of its latest results. In the fourth quarter of its postponed fiscal year 2017, ended September 30, Apple thus achieved a turnover of 52.58 billion dollars, up 12%. At the same time, the US firm’s net profit reached $ 10.71 billion, up from $ 9.01 billion a year earlier. IPhone X pre-orders would be twice as high, in the first 4 days, as the iPhone 6, which holds the record.

Over 300 iPhone X models stolen from San Francisco Apple Store

New episode in the war between Apple and Qualcomm. After wanting to ban the iPhone in China in October on the grounds that the Cupertino company is abusing its dominant position in order not to pay the full price of its patented technologies, the world’s leading manufacturer of chips for smartphones accuses Apple this time of ‘having transmitted confidential information to Intel, which is none other than Qualcomm’s competitor.

1605357738 74 CONFIDENTIEL BlaBlaCar JDCOM Cryptominute iPhone X Qualcomm vs Apple
Photo credit: Apple

The American equipment manufacturer indeed criticizes the Apple brand for having shared its proprietary technology with Intel. To do this, Apple would have sent an email to claim sensitive technical data from Qualcomm. So far, nothing dramatic, except that an Intel engineer would have discreetly been copied from this email. In this way, Intel, which has been working with Apple since the iPhone 7, could recover sensitive data to improve its products for Apple according to Qualcomm’s know-how. In addition, Apple would refuse to cooperate with the equipment manufacturer in the context of an audit wanted by Qualcomm to verify the good faith of its customer in terms of the protection of intellectual property. If this refusal is proven, it could constitute a second violation of the license agreement between the two companies.

Faced with the rapid deterioration of its relationship with Qualcomm, Apple plans to no longer use the chips of the American supplier on iPhones and iPads in 2018, according to a source quoted by Bloomberg.