[CONFIDENTIEL] Bitcoin mission to Bercy, Ford, Amazon, New dircab for Mounir Mahjoubi …

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of his greetings to the press, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Lemaire praised the stability: “We want a stable economy, stability is a precious commodity. We reject the risks of speculation, in particular related to bitcoin. “ He announced that he had entrusted Jean-Pierre Landau, former deputy governor of the Bank of France, with a mission on cryptocurrencies. This mission will have to propose to the Minister “Guidelines on the evolution of regulations, to better control their development, prevent their use for purposes of tax evasion, money laundering, criminal activities or terrorism.” “

In 2014, Jean-Pierre Landau had already spoken on the subject, in a column published by the Financial Times (paywall). His opinion was already well decided, since he warned against “Bitcoin madness” which he compared to a modern tulip, in reference to the tulipomania, the first known example of speculative crisis, in the 17th century in the Netherlands.

As for the central bank of Singapore (MAS, Monetary Authority of Singapore), a city-state known for its FinTech appetite, we also remain on the fence. Its CEO Ravi Menin said at a UBS event in Singapore: “I hope that when the fever is gone, when the crash takes place, it won’t harm the much deeper and meaningful technology of digital currencies and blockchain. “

From the first days of 2018, Ford decided to strike hard. The American manufacturer has indeed announced that it will significantly increase its investments in electric cars for years to come. Ford thus intends to increase its efforts in this sector to 11 billion dollars by 2022. Until now, the ambitions of the manufacturer in the electric sector were much more moderate since it was planning to invest “only” 4, $ 5 billion by 2020.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin mission to Bercy Ford Amazon New dircab for

This significant investment will result in the creation of a range of 40 electrified vehicles by 2022, 16 of which will be equipped only with an electric motor. The other models will be hybrids. In addition, an electric utility vehicle is also on the agenda. The latter should be marketed in 2020.

These new announcements, made on the sidelines of the Detroit Motor Show, are a continuation of the strategy implemented in recent months by the manufacturer. At the end of 2017, Ford notably announced an agreement with the Chinese Zotye, specializing in electric cars, for the creation of a joint-pot. The project provides for a joint investment of $ 756 million to create a new brand that will produce electric models. The American group had also announced its intention to launch 50 new models in China, of which 15 will be electric, by 2025.

Tea New York Times dedicates a portrait to Jeff Bezos, who would now be the richest man (according to the chosen method of calculation, not taking into account inflation, for example), with a fortune estimated at 105 billion dollars, according to Bloomberg. This large format evokes the way in which this boss who has long remained in the shadows while he was building an empire, must now come out to preserve it.

Amazon has become this tech titan worth more than 600 billion, and that we are beginning to fear and / or hate for its influence on our lives, like Alphabet (Google), Apple or Facebook. While Facebook is criticized for the dissemination of fake news, Amazon is now in the hot seat for its economic and social impact. Donald Trump does not hesitate to attack him ad personam – also because Bezos became a media man, through the takeover of Washington post. While he has avoided politics for years, Bezos therefore sees himself in the obligation to communicate to preserve his interests, actively using Twitter, attending social events like the last. Golden globes or announcing its philanthropic actions.

This new Jeff Bezos, the one who works his PR effects, finally nothing sums it up better than this same Internet, Swole Jeff Bezos. Or how the young thirty-something with the physique of Kevin Spacey nerd became a muscular Vin Diesel way, to the extent of his company.

It is to be read on the NYT: Mr. Amazon Steps Out

Rumors were rife at the end of December on the name of the next chief of staff of the Secretary of State for Digital. Over the past 7 months, Mounir Mahjoubi has changed cabinet director three times. After having appointed Hélène Brisset, former deputy director of the DSI of social ministries, then Grégoire Tirot, inspector of finances, it is Aymeril Hoang’s turn to take on this function.

Until then director of innovation for the Société Générale group, Aymeril Hoang graduated in econometrics and agrégé in economics and management. He is also a former student of the École Normale Supérieure in Rennes. More surprisingly, Hoang was also part of the ephemeral National Digital Council of Marie Ekeland, who had resigned en masse in the wake of its president, last December.

His appointment was announced in the Official newspaper on Saturday January 13.