[CONFIDENTIEL] Bitcoin, Google Trends, France Digitale, Tesla, PepsiCo, Alibaba …

by bold-lichterman

Like every year, Google unveiled the top searches for its engine for this year. And the least we can say is that the crypto subject has intrigued and agitated internet users around the world. Thus, on a global scale, bitcoin is appearing in two of the fifteen categories on Google’s charts.

The most famous cryptocurrency thus appears in the categories “Global news” and “How to”, demonstrating that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now of interest beyond the sole public of insiders.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Google Trends France Digitale Tesla PepsiCo Alibaba
Top Google searches 2017. Source: Google

Digital France, the association of entrepreneurs and investors which was born in the line of the Pigeons in 2012, elected its new co-president. This is Rachel Delacour, who created the start-up Time Analytics in 2009, before selling it for 45 million dollars to the American Zendesk six years later. She succeeds Olivier Mathiot at the head of France Digitale.

Rachel Delacour will co-chair the association alongside Jean-David Chamboredon, who heads the ISAI investment fund. On January 23, the duo will unveil France Digitale’s roadmap for 2018. “It will be a very important year for France Digitale. Faced with Brexit, the largest association of start-ups in Europe must take its responsibilitiesShe said.

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At the same time, the France Digitale office was renewed. Thus, Frédéric Mazzella, CEO of BlaBlaCar, becomes ambassador of France Digitale in Europe and vice-president of the association. From the outset, he launched an appeal: “If the creation of a start-up in the United States or in China is similar to a 100-meter race, then the creation from Europe today is more akin to a 110-meter hurdles, since companies must each time quickly adapt to laws, regulations, standards and different taxation depending on the country. It is time for the entire start-up scene to mobilize on a European scale!

Last month, we announced the launch of a semi-trailer by Tesla. 100% electric, 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds, range of 800 km… arguments that have convinced PepsiCo. Indeed, the American company has announced the reservation of 100 “Semi” Tesla. These trucks will complete its fleet of 10,000 vehicles.

Intended for deliveries, these semi-trailers will allow PepsiCo to reduce its fuel costs and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. An investment that fits perfectly into the company’s plans since by 2030, the American company wishes to reduce its quantity of gas produced by 20%.

This order of a hundred vehicles is in addition to other reservations. More than a dozen companies including Wal-Mart, JB Hunt Transport Services and Sysco have also been tempted by these electric vehicles. A total of 267 semi-trailers have been pre-ordered, according to Reuters. The price of reserving these Semi was $ 5,000 before going up to $ 20,000 per vehicle. Their production is expected to begin in 2019.

According to information Tech In Asia, the e-commerce giant has invested in a Chinese start-up Xpeng (Xiaopeng Motors), which launched its first vehicle last month, an all-electric SUV: Identy X.

Alibaba confirmed the information. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but some sources speak of 10%.

1605347124 65 CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Google Trends France Digitale Tesla PepsiCo Alibaba
Credit: Xiaopeng Motors

Alibaba is already developing an IoT operating system called AliOS that can be embedded in cars. A partnership with Ford is reportedly being negotiated to equip Ford vehicles made in China.

Rival Tencent had already invested $ 2 billion in Tesla, against a 5% stake. Tencent has also funded another Chinese start-up NIO, which has also just launched an electric SUV, but in a different category.