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by bold-lichterman

In FrenchWeb, we decided, in a totally arbitrary way, to officially declare bitcoin mainstream when 1. your grandmother asks you to explain the blockchain to her 2. the tax authorities will remind you not to forget to declare your crypto capital gains on your income tax return.

We are halfway there since Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, indicated during a press conference in Bercy that “If there were added value, the tax authorities – this is the instruction I gave them – would look at that. If this declaration was not made, there would be an intervention of the tax administration. If there is capital gain, there must be a declaration of this income and this income would obviously be taxed. If they were not, the tax adjustment would obviously be equal to the fraud “ in comments reported by AFP.


On the price side, note the surge in other virtual currencies today: thus, litecoin has taken 100% today and is around 300 euros at the time of writing. Ether is also experiencing a significant surge today since, according to CoinBase, the currency exceeds the level of 500 euros, while it traded below the 400 euros bar just yesterday.

If your grandma starts talking to you about mining and blockchain, of course let us know.

Seven years ago, the start-up studio eFounders was born in Brussels during a coffee between Thibaud Elzière, co-founder of Fotolia, and Quentin Nickmans, a former member of the Boston Consulting Group. Since this café, the structure has grown, the opportunity for Thibaud Elzière to look in the retro of this adventure dedicated to SaaS companies. in a post on Medium. The first years of the start-up studio were not the easiest with three companies launched in three years: Mailjet, TextMaster and Mention. “Starting three businesses in parallel is actually like starting three three separate businesses at the same time», Concedes Thibaud Elzière.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Ether Litecoin Bercy eFounders Cristal Events MediaSchool Iron

In 2014, eFounders stepped up a gear by launching three companies the same year: Aircall (telephony solution for businesses), Front (collaborative messaging) and Solved, a project abandoned before incorporation. “Aircall and Front grew up quite quickly and crossed the Atlantic to come fully autonomous», Explains Thibaud Elzière.

Building on its momentum, eFounders moved into its own offices in 2015 and ramped up the pace by launching up to three or four companies each year. Thus, Illustrio, Spendesk, Hivy, Forest, Suite or even Station were born under the impetus of the start-up studio. In December 2016, eFounders had raised 5 million euros to launch 8 additional start-ups in the space of two years. “We have created 13 independent companies, employing more than 400 people and generating more than 30 million euros in annual turnover. A lot is happening right now, and the start of 2018 will be another milestone in eFounders history.», Affirms Thibaud Elzière. What if eFounders took out of its hat the world champion that French and European Tech never ceases to wait?

The first autonomous mini-car championship arrives in France. Modeled on the DIYRobocars in the United States, the Iron Car will be held on February 10 at the Square in Paris. During the day, teams will have to build their own self-driving mini-car following a mainframe basic in Open Source. The objective is to make him do 3 laps of the track without needing human intervention.

To demonstrate that deep learning techniques are accessible to everyone, participation in Iron Car is free. A sponsorship program has been created for students wishing to be sponsored by a company because the cost of the material for the day is estimated at 200 euros.

Grégory Renard, founder and Head of Deep Learning of Xbrain, is at the head of this meeting. He and his teammates participated in 3 editions of the DIYRobocars in the United States. In 2017, it was one of the only teams to finish the race on time.

Below, different car models created during the event in the United States:

On the eve of the 17th edition of the Cristal Festival in Courchevel, which takes place from December 13 to 16, under the theme of Audacity, the MediaSchool group announced the acquisition of the Cristal Events Group, organizer of the Cristal Festival.

Until then owned by Startinvest, the Cristal Events Group therefore integrates the MediaSchool group (higher education and training group specializing in media, communication, advertising, digital and production), led by Franck Papazian. MediaSchool recently acquired CB News and of Influence, thus creating a Media center.

This festival brings together every year, in Courchevel and Marrakech, for 3 days, the world of communication, advertisers, agencies and the media. A conference program is offered to promote networking and meetings between communication and media players.

Christian Cappe, founder and general manager of Groupe Cristal Events, organizer of the Cristal Festival, remains in office and will continue, alongside Franck Papazian, to develop the Cristal Festival and new projects.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Ether Litecoin Bercy eFounders Cristal Events MediaSchool Iron
Christian Cappe (CEO Cristal Events), Franck Papazian (President MediaSchool) and Olivier Chapuis, (President StartInvest)

FrenchWeb will be present this year at the Cristal Festival, with the seminar “AI: Future of Business”. Designed to provide tailor-made and applied answers to decision-makers on the question of artificial intelligence, we organized it in partnership with Microsoft, and with the interventions of Olivier Ezratty, expert and author, Justine Baron, Marketing & Communication Manager at Recast.AI and David Bessis, founder of Tinyclues. Ask for the program.

New top for the end of the year, that of LinkedIn. The professional network today reveals the Top Voices 2017 for France. Established for the second consecutive year, they provide an overview of the most noticed contributors on LinkedIn in France in 2017.

In the Influencers category, unsurprisingly, Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, made his entry straight to the top, directly to the first place. There is only one representative of the tech ecosystem, in the person of Jean-David Chamboredon, CEO of Isai and Co-chair of France Digitale.

1605347975 509 CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Ether Litecoin Bercy eFounders Cristal Events MediaSchool Iron
Jean-David Chamboredon, Chairman and CEO of Isai and Co-Chairman of France Digitale.

Here is the list of the 10 LinkedIn Influencers for the year 2017:

1. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic
2. Isabelle Kocher, Managing Director of Engie
3. Jacques Attali, President of the Positive Planet Foundation
4. Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO of Saint-Gobain
5. Sophie Bellon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sodexo
6. Bertrand Piccard, Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation and Explorer
7. Jean-David Chamboredon, Chairman and CEO of Isai and Co-chairman of France Digitale
8. Pierre Gattaz, Chairman of MEDEF and Chairman of the Management Board of RADIALL
9. Laurence Paganini, Managing Director of Kaporal
10. Michel-Edouard Leclerc, President of E.Leclerc