[CONFIDENTIEL] Bitcoin and Tether, Tencent vs. Facebook, Definvest, Skype, 10 years of Kindle …

by bold-lichterman

The price of bitcoin fell nearly 6% overnight, following news of the attack on Tether, in which the equivalent of $ 30 million was reportedly stolen. Tether is a cryptocurrency operator from Hong Kong, whose token named USDT is said to have the particularity, according to the company, of being guaranteed by a reserve in fiat currency (US Dollar) at the rate of 1: 1.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and Tether Tencent vs Facebook Definvest Skype 10
Evolution of the bitcoin price November 21, 2017. Credit: qz.com

According to the official communication, the developers of Tether have however succeeded in updating Omni Core, the software that supports these transactions to blacklist the address that holds the funds and have marked the tokens concerned to prevent them from being converted into dollars. .

Tether is the subject of many suspicions and controversies, especially on questionable terms and conditions, the reality of its reserve, inaccessible audits and its nebulous proximity to the Bitfinex exchange platform (which had already been hacked by 119,756 bitcoins – then worth $ 72 million but valued at over $ 950 million today). According to TechCrunch, some market participants would even think that the malicious attack would in fact be a stunt. Tether’s capitalization would rise to $ 673 million, and be the twentieth most valuable cryptocurrency, according to Coinmarketcap.com.

Despite this slack, the bitcoin market has picked up again, surpassing a new record of more than $ 8,300. The capitalization of bitcoin now exceeds that of Mc Donald’s, at around 138 billion dollars.

Tencent never stops breaking records. After joining the very closed club of companies that have reached the 500 billion dollar mark, the Chinese giant went on to pay the scalp of Facebook on the stock market. After the market closed on Tuesday, November 21, Tencent’s market capitalization reached the equivalent of US $ 523 billion, allowing the Chinese giant to overtake Facebook and its $ 519 billion. By overtaking the firm of Mark Zuckerberg, Tencent even offers itself the luxury of joining the club of the five largest market capitalizations on the planet, behind the Americans Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and Tether Tencent vs Facebook Definvest Skype 10

This historic milestone comes a week after Tencent’s spectacular third quarter 2017 results were reported, with profit up 69% over the period, to $ 2.72 billion, on revenue of $ 9.825 million. dollars up 61%.

Tencent is the publisher of WeChat super-messaging, with integrated games, services, entertainment and payment methods, to 980 million monthly active users. Its games offer is particularly lucrative – in particular Honor of kings which has 50 million faithful, Clash of clans and League of Legends – and would have brought in five billion dollars in the quarter. Tencent has also diversified by investing in different companies like Tesla, Snap, or Indian nuggets like Flipkart, Ola, Hike, Practo…

The e-commerce giant Alibaba is the second largest Asian capitalization, at 483 billion dollars.

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces and Bpifrance have launched Definvest, an investment fund initially endowed with 50 million euros, to support the development of strategic defense SMEs.

As the press release notes, “Many innovative French start-ups and SMEs have the potential to develop very promising breakthrough technologies in terms of military applications. For these companies, the issue of financing is crucial. “ It is therefore about “Take equity stakes in technological nuggets in the sector, alongside financial and industrial investors. The objective is to allow these companies to develop in complete autonomy thanks to the increase in their own funds. ” And prevent them from falling into the hands of foreign capital.

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Bpifrance and the Directorate-General for Armament are already working with candidate companies to select applications for the first investments in early 2018. The French defense industry includes around ten large groups and 4,000 small and medium-sized companies, and employs 200,000 people.

However, we hope that in view of the stakes on “The sovereignty of the French defense system”, this financing vehicle will eventually find more substantial means to accomplish its mission.

Relations between the communication platforms and the Chinese authorities are not getting better. Last episode to date, Skype is no longer available on the App Store in China. The removal of the application follows a request from the Chinese government. “We have been informed by the Department of Public Safety that a number of VoIP applications do not comply with local laws. Therefore, these apps have been removed from the App Store in China“, A spokesperson for Apple told New York Times.

Earlier this fall, online couriers had already faced censorship from Beijing. On the sidelines of the opening of the Chinese Communist Party Congress in October, WhatsApp users could no longer send or receive messages on the app, while WeChat users were no longer able to change their image of profile.

The list of apps blocked or censored by the Chinese government is not limited to Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat. Far from it… Gmail, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Telegram and even Line have aroused strong mistrust (no secret) from the Chinese authorities. The latter do not like that most of these applications have encryption options that make messages more difficult for the government to monitor. For freedom of expression, we will come back.

In an Instagram post, Jeff Bezos published the photo of two e-readers: the first date of ten years and the very last, Kindle Oasis released on October 11, 2017. A before / after that shows the evolution of the product.

The price has also evolved. The first Kindle was valued at $ 400 by the Cnet site against 249.99 dollars today. Since then, Amazon has sold “tens of millions»Of his e-readers, according to an email received by CNBC Make It from an Amazon representative.

The anniversary announcement sparked nostalgic memories. Some have spoken on Twitter, like this person who treasured the first Kindle:

“I still have my original Kindle positioned on my bookshelf. I wear my Kindle Oasis everywhere and love it as much as I did my first 10 years. ”

Even though new players like Apple with the iPad have since entered the market, Amazon’s Kindle remains a flagship product. “Amazon recorded phenomenal 99.4% annual growth in tablet shipments for 2016”, According to a study carried out by the company TrendForce.

For the 10th anniversary of Kindle, Jeff Bezos posted ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos on Instagram