[CONFIDENTIEL] Bitcoin and G20, Blablacar, Facebook, Amazon, Sqrrl, NSA …

by bold-lichterman

As a result of the current cryptomania, the authorities are now very interested in bitcoin. After Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, last week, it was Bruno Lemaire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, to take a position on the issue. On the occasion of the Live Politics on LCI this Sunday, he wants bitcoin to be on the agenda of the next G20 summit scheduled for April 20, 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina: “This is a proposal that France will bring to the next summit of G20 finance ministers… I am here to guarantee the safety of savers. There is an obvious speculative risk. You have to look at it, examine it, and see how, along with all the other G20 member countries, we can regulate bitcoin. “

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and G20 Blablacar Facebook Amazon Sqrrl NSA

This announcement comes after the European Union announced last Friday, by press release, that the member states had agreed to strengthen the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Among other measures, we can cite the end of the anonymity of transactions, including with prepaid cards. Transaction and wallets critical currencies will need to be able to identify their users.

Following a complaint from a Russian transport union, the Regional Motorized Transport Union, the court in the Krasnodar region in southern Russia, on September 12, rendered a decision against the French company , for illegal exercise of a commercial transport activity.

Blablacar, who had not been notified of the judgment, has appealed, an appeal set to be considered tomorrow, December 19. If the court of appeal confirmed the first instance decision, the French carpooling operator could be forced to cease its activities in Russia, launched in 2014.

Contacted by the editorial staff of FrenchWeb, BlablaCar told us not to have “Been notified of this decision, we appealed. The investigation is in progress. BlaBlaCar has always respected the law in the different countries in which we operate. Carpooling is legal and widely used around the world, and encouraged by many governments! ”

According to an ad posted today at the end of the afternoon on his job board, Blablacar is looking for a Director of Operations for Russia, based in Moscow, one of whose missions would be public affairs management.

1605346039 549 CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and G20 Blablacar Facebook Amazon Sqrrl NSA
Nicolas Brusson, COO, Frédéric Mazzella, CEO, Francis Nappez CTO – Blablacar

Put a heart if you love Roger Federer too“,”Tag a friend who has been through this situation“,”Share this post if you want to go live with llamas in Peru»… This is the type of unbearable publications that can quickly pollute your news feed on Facebook because of friends (who must be deleted quickly) sharing this content claiming commitment galore. Fortunately, the end of publications, which took over from the “Click bait” is near. So Facebook has (finally) decided!

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and G20 Blablacar Facebook Amazon Sqrrl NSA

The social network has indeed announced that all publications making use of “Engagement bait” will now be demoted in the User News Feed. In a few weeks, some pages could even see the reach of all their posts sharply decrease if Facebook detects that this is a mechanical practice of the publisher. By doing so, the social network hopes to bring out pages with more relevant content and less degrading for the experience of its users.

According to information released by the American news site Axios, Amazon could get its hands on Sqrrl, a cybersecurity start-up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1605346041 970 CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin and G20 Blablacar Facebook Amazon Sqrrl NSA
Photo: Amazon

According to Axios, the acquisition is expected to be around $ 40 million. If the acquisition goes through, it will be the second cybersecurity start-up acquired by Amazon this year after Harvest.ai.

Sqrrl had already raised nearly $ 30 million in venture capital from Accomplice, Matrix Partners, Rally Ventures and Spring Lake Equity Partners.