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by bold-lichterman

The services of the Prime Minister of South Korea announced this Wednesday, December 13 that the country’s financial institutions could no longer use cryptocurrencies: for them, buying, selling or even simply holding bitcoins thus becomes prohibited.

Other regulatory measures are expected for Friday, according to the South Korean central bank. They could in particular relate to the taxation of profits and the prohibition for minors to open accounts on trading platforms.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Advertising on the Moon South Korea Elephant Webedia
Seoul, South Korea.

South Korea is one of the markets most engaged in what can now be compared to cryptomania. Some individuals even give up their jobs to trade cryptocurrency full time. The country would thus represent 20% of world trade. Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is also based in South Korea.

Takeshi Hakamada is inspired by the great idea of ​​creating a space economy with his company Ispace. So far so good. In this sense, he wants to send machines to the Moon… but not only to look for water. Takeshi Hakamada aims to send a satellite into lunar orbit, which will land a year later with a small display panel in his luggage. Yes, you read correctly.

1605347596 771 CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Advertising on the Moon South Korea Elephant Webedia
Takeshi Hakamada surrounded by his team. Credits: Ispace Technologies.

Ispace indeed sees the conquest of space as a great opportunity for marketing, and not just by displaying the logos of partner companies on its spaceships. Thus, if the machine lands as planned on the surface of the Moon in 2020, this small display panel will allow brands that wish to use this “lunar” advertising insert, like the idea of its creator, to promote them. And according to the Japanese company, there is some demand from companies looking to show off their logo with the Earth in the background.

On reading these lines, it is certainly difficult for you not to hide your forbidden air, oscillating between embarrassed laughter and dismay. However, be aware that Takeshi Hakamada’s company has just succeeded in raising $ 90 million from the largest Japanese companies, including the airline Japan Airlines or the television network Tokyo Broadcasting System.

Independent TV producer Elephant and online media and entertainment group Webedia announce the creation of a new content production label. Elephant Entertainment will aim to develop new scripts for television, cinema and subscription video platforms.

Through this association, the two companies intend to make them play the synergies to the full: for Elephant, a know-how in audiovisual and editorial production, for Webedia, community and social expertise, the pool of influencers and a large pool of audience (27 million unique monthly visitors in France, over the period January-June 2017, according to Médiamétrie Net Ratings).

Elephant, created in 1999 by Emmanuel Chain and Thierry Bizot, is at the origin of successful shows and series like Sept à Huit (TF1), Fais pas ci faire pas ça (France 2), or Parents Mode d’Emploi ( France 2). The company produces documentaries and films for theaters. Elephant recently launched a new news social media, Monkey. Emmanuel Chain had gone to FrenchWeb to tell us about it.

Webedia brings together a galaxy of thematic sites around cinema, video games, cooking, fashion / beauty, travel and entertainment (AlloCiné, jeuxvideo.com, 750g.com, Purepeople.com, Purebreak.com, Puremédias , Easyvoyage.com…). It operates Talent Web, a stable of new talents from the digital world (Norman, or Cyprien), representing more than 550 million videos viewed each month in France, and produces TV shows.

Three projects are already in development, a fiction, a flow program and a short program.

CONFIDENTIEL Bitcoin Advertising on the Moon South Korea Elephant Webedia

Made.com announces the launch of the TalentLab platform. This crowdfunding and crowdsourcing tool aims to promote 200 young designers per year by producing some of their creations.

On TalentLab, designers around the world can publish their production. Internet users then have the possibility to like their favorite decorations. Then, every two months, the Made.com curation team will choose a few of these projects to make prototypes. These will then be published on TalentLab. Visitors will be able to finance the creations of their choice. Those having received enough funding will be produced by the e-merchant. People who have deposited a certain amount of money for the finalized project, will benefit from a 30% discount on the product. “We know that there are a lot of innovative and bold ideas in the world that never see the light of day. The TalentLab will help shine a light on creativity, opening the doors of the design industry to designers and giving clients access to daring creations.», Explains Ruth Wassermann, Design Director at Made.com. In total, the creations marketed will represent 10% of new products on the site each year.

The TalentLab is the continuation of the Emerging Talent Award launched in 2013 by Made.com. This competition aimed to promote the creations of young designers.