[CONFIDENTIEL] Baidu and AI, Nabilla, bitcoin and AMF, Facebook M and chatbots, Xendera …

by bold-lichterman

Baidu Qi Lu’s COO spoke at a first press conference at CES in Las Vegas and to say the least, he didn’t go four ways: China Openly seeks to dominate the global artificial intelligence market – and it will do so with the support of its authorities.

For Lu, a set of converging beams is already creating the conditions for this announced domination. The country’s population, its regulatory environment, a rapidly growing market, the wealth of data… are all determining factors in achieving this ambition. But the leader of Baidu also highlighted the political will of the Middle Kingdom, which wants to establish a global technological leadership that has eluded him for decades, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Collecting data from the country’s 1.38 billion people – of which 1.1 billion use smartphones, 750 million of whom are online – is easier in China than in other markets, Lu said. knows well that the quantity of data is essential to the development of technologies linked to artificial intelligence, on which it feeds. “The Chinese government understands what AI can do, and intends to commit to a sustainable and long-term investment on the subject”, said Lu. “AI is part of China’s national five-year plan, and a few months ago the Chinese government released a comprehensive white paper on the subject. “

Cities like Beijing and Baoding have put in place new rules making it easier to test autonomous vehicles on the streets. Xiongan, a new mega-city near Beijing, is working with Baidu to build an infrastructure for the operation of autonomous vehicles. The government is already using machine learning for its surveillance cameras and is supporting Apollo, Baidu’s initiative for self-driving cars.

CONFIDENTIEL Baidu and AI Nabilla bitcoin and AMF Facebook M

Lu also said that China’s success in AI will inspire the whole world. According to him, the progress made in China will go beyond the borders of this country, as in the AI ​​ecosystem, researchers around the world share their work with others to stimulate innovation. So Baidu opened up its Apollo software and yesterday announced a major update that will make it easier for developers around the world to build autonomous vehicles.

However, China’s approach to artificial intelligence obviously raises questions about how its innovations will translate to the rest of the world, given the country’s human rights record.

And meanwhile, in a parallel world, Nabilla advises her followers to look into cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. Yes, this surreal scene did take place yesterday on Snapchat. The famous Nabilla, from reality TV and that we knew more for her projections on shampoo and a few legal misadventures, therefore advised her fans to bet everything on bitcoin, walking around in a white bathrobe with a crown of hearts filter roses on the head. She unfolds shocking arguments there without blinking: “It is the currency of the future” who is “Serious developing”. Moreover, she can attest to this: “I bet 1,000 euros and I have already won 800 euros”. Besides, why ask existential questions, since there is nonothing to lose “and that it’s money you can always get back”?

CONFIDENTIEL Baidu and AI Nabilla bitcoin and AMF Facebook M
YouTube screenshot

The young woman recommends to her Boeotian followers to do their apprenticeship via a microtrading platform, established in Andorra for two months, according to information from Capital, and affiliated with the Cypriot broker eToro. We would obviously not dare to evoke the idea of ​​a sponsored post, the mention of which does not appear anywhere. ** cough **

This morning, the AMF whistled the end of recess and kindly called the starlet to order.

In the United States too, certain more or less recommendable players in the crypto sphere have joined the services of celebrities to promote cryptocurrency and ICOs of all kinds. Paris Hilton, for example, promoted a dark cryptocurrency fundraiser last September, before quickly backpedaling and deleting her tweet. The SEC, the stock market policeman of the United States had issued an official warning to the direct attention of people tempted by this kind of exercise, as we told you recently.

Facebook has just announced the closure of its human-driven virtual assistant M. The service was available through the Messenger app. Users could ask him questions or ask him to perform an action such as making a call.

Should we see this as a first stop to chatbot madness?

1605342086 393 CONFIDENTIEL Baidu and AI Nabilla bitcoin and AMF Facebook M

Launched in August 2015 in beta test, the offer never really exceeded this status. The company now talks more about “Experience” than a real tool. But the experience did not win over everyone. The journalist of The Verge, Casey Newton, has tested the service several times without ever really understanding the value of its use. Even Mark Zuckerberg, whom he was able to question on this subject, replied: “I think you are not the only one in this case“.

As pointed out The Verge, the chatbot trade is slowly taking off. Users still prefer to turn to native applications and web tools than a virtual assistant. But this virtual assistant project is not a failure for Facebook. The company was thus able to study the tasks performed by its users via this type of tool. “We started this project to learn what people expected from a virtual assistant and we learned a lotThe company said in a press release.

CONFIDENTIEL Baidu and AI Nabilla bitcoin and AMF Facebook M
The Xendera team

Xendera, a start-up that turns every effort into vouchers, announces a second fundraising of 1.2 million euros. This investment was led by Pyrénées Gascogne Développement, Herrikoa SAC, Financière Royer and Toki Eder Conseil. The start-up had already carried out an initial fundraising amounting to 435,000 euros from private investors.

Founded in 2014 by Andy Gugenheimer, Xendera wants to reward the physical activities of its users. It is possible to connect the application with tools such as Apple Health, Google Fit, Runtastic, Strava, Polar, Garmin, Runkeeper or even Fitbit to be able to calculate physical efforts. These are then transformed into vouchers. Xendera claims 90,000 users and 80 partner brands.

With this new investment, the company wishes to strengthen its presence in France and develop internationally.