[CONFIDENTIEL] Airbus, Uber, Black Friday, French Tech vs. French Bashing …

by bold-lichterman

Premature landing for Paul Eremenko. Appointed in June 2016 as technical director of Airbus, this former Google and Pentagon, decided to leave the European aeronautical group, according to information revealed by The gallery. Paul Eremenko is leaving Airbus to join the American group United Technologies Corporation. Both companies confirmed the information.

CONFIDENTIEL Airbus Uber Black Friday French Tech vs French Bashing

Former employee of Google and the Pentagon, this American from Ukraine had caught the eye of Tom Enders, the president of Airbus, to lead the technological revolution of the manufacturer. Less than a year after taking office at the head of the innovation division, he was already making engineers tremble, who were struggling to understand his reasoning and his vision for the future of aeronautics.

Since his arrival in the ranks of Airbus, Paul Eremenko had multiplied the daring choices. In particular, he eliminated the E-Fan electric aircraft project when it was on the way to entering the industrial stage. This small two-seater plane, which had successfully crossed the Channel in 2015, was nevertheless presented as a major advance by Airbus in the perspective of designing a larger and more electric aircraft.

Born in 1979 in Lviv, Ukraine, this 36-year-old American graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). From 2009 to 2013, he studied at Darpa, the Pentagon’s research and development agency, before joining Motorola, where he developed the Ara project, code name corresponding to a modular smartphone project. . He put the latter in his boxes when he joined Google, which finally decided to abandon the project last year. In 2015, he joined Airbus in Silicon Valley before becoming the group’s CTO in 2016. Very controversial and criticized internally, Paul Eremenko finally decided to leave the plane in full flight 17 months later.

The revelation of the mass hacking Uber suffered a year ago is the straw that broke the camel’s back in the eyes of the European Union. Already in the crosshairs of European authorities and several governments in Europe for unfair competition vis-à-vis taxis, Uber has once again taken for its rank. The European Commission thus judged this Thursday, November 30 “irresponsible” the management by the VTC platform of the data of its customers and its drivers, victims of a large-scale hacking. As a reminder, 50 million customers and 7 million drivers were affected by this incident that Uber sought to cover up. The American firm would indeed have paid 100,000 dollars to hackers so that they do not disclose the existence of this attack and destroy the information collected.

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Earlier this week, we announced that Amazon was the big winner of Black Friday. But what are the results of this day? Viuz detailed the 15 figures to remember from this period of sales and holidays. Here are a few :

  • Black Friday revenue was $ 5.03 billion, up 16.9% according to Adobe analysts
  • still according to Adobe, mobile represented 54% of site visits
  • the number of mobile transactions has jumped by 32%
  • the top 3 most purchased products on Black Friday, according to Adobe, are: Nintendo Switch, Hatchimals & Colleggtibles figures and PJ Masks toys
  • According to Idealo, 46% of Black Friday purchases are made by women
  • the average basket of an American is expected to be $ 967 for the holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation
  • half of consumers will make their end-of-year purchases before December 3. They will be 80% by December 15, according to a study from Salesforce.

While still only a high school student, Alexandre Guin took advantage of his free time to meet French entrepreneurs. From Rennes, he wonders about the evolution and creation of start-ups in France. With a tone worthy of a Cash Investigation, he went to meet several digital players, such as Khaled Sarayeddine, the co-founder of Optinvent, or even Damien Jubeau, CEO of DareBoost.

From these images was born the documentary “Startups: French Tech vs. French Bashing, the documentary“. The project has been available on YouTube since August 2016.