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by bold-lichterman

Microsoft is taking another step in the healthcare sector. The American company, which announced the creation of a research center, Healthcare Next, dedicated to this field in February 2017, is unveiling several new innovative projects.

CONFIDENTIEL AI Microsoft Bill Gates and bitcoin Facebook Live Baidu

The multinational therefore wastes no time and revealed a total of six projects. Very technical, they are more intended to better support medical teams through technology. One of them will surely be more visible to the general public, the “Project Empower MD”.

It is a system that listens and learns the behaviors of doctors to take notes for them during the consultation. With this project, Microsoft wants to free doctors from this task during consultations, so that they can devote more time to the patients in front of them. This artificial intelligence is developed in partnership with UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh medical center.

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Bill Gates is not a huge fan of bitcoin, to say the least. On the occasion of a AMA session (Ask Me Anything, the sixth of its kind for Bill) yesterday on Reddit, the co-founder of Microsoft was asked, between questions, about cryptocurrencies. And for Gates, the answer does not fold:

The main innovation of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity they provide during a financial transaction. I don’t think that’s a good thing. The fact that governments can in normal times combat money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism is a good thing. Today, cryptocurrencies are used to buy fentanyl (Editor’s note: opioid fifty times stronger than heroin, recently declared a national emergency in the United States) and other very hard drugs, so it is a technology that is the direct cause of deaths. I think the speculative wave around ICOs and cryptocurrencies is very risky for those who see the long term, wrote Bill Gates.

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Comments that obviously sparked debate online: many users responded to Gates, both on Reddit and Twitter, not sharing his point of view, especially on his analysis of the anonymity of transactions.

According to a study by Columbia Journalism Review, the number of Facebook Live videos produced by paying partners had fallen by more than half at the end of 2017 – and in one case, by 94% – as soon as the financial incentives put in place by the social network for publishers have ended, and following the “de-prioritization” of the product by Facebook.

The site analyzed 17 brands that were paid by Facebook to make live videos on the platform. The number of lives published by them between April and December 2017 decreased by 51% on average compared to a reference period of the same duration, i.e. 12 months from April 2016 to March 2017.

1605328407 128 CONFIDENTIEL AI Microsoft Bill Gates and bitcoin Facebook Live Baidu
Live videos posted by 17 brands known to have been paid partners. The dotted lines bracket the reported payment period. (Source: CrowdTangle – Columbia Journalism Review)

Two years ago, Facebook was betting big on Live, the company’s native streaming platform, whose ambition was to allow users to stream video and interact with viewers via comments and live reactions. real time.

In March 2016, Facebook reportedly began paying select editors and personalities to produce live video, including BuzzFeed, the New York Times, CNN, the HuffPost and Vox Media. The Wall Street Journal estimated that these titles each received between $ 1.2 million and $ 3.1 million to do so. Facebook has also calibrated its news feed to prioritize live videos over other types of content. These financial incentives also exist in France, such as FrenchWeb relayed it here.

A year later, Live was quickly falling out of favor and “Long and better video content” became the new ambition. Watch, the platform’s video-on-demand service, becoming Facebook’s video priority. A CJR study to read here.

Baidu predicts a golden fate for iQiyi, its streaming video service. Raised last year, the idea of ​​an IPO of the platform is about to materialize. The subsidiary of the Chinese group has indeed filed an IPO file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be listed on the Nasdaq. As part of its arrival on Wall Street, iQiyi intends to raise $ 1.5 billion.

1605328408 383 CONFIDENTIEL AI Microsoft Bill Gates and bitcoin Facebook Live Baidu
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Launched in 2010 by Yu Gong, iQiyi boasts over 50 million subscribers and over 420 million monthly mobile users. It is the only Chinese platform that has the right to broadcast content from the Netflix catalog. In February 2017, it had completed a round of funding of $ 1.53 billion to acquire new content and thus strengthen its offer. In deficit since its creation, the service lost $ 574 million last year.