[CONFIDENTIEL] 30 start-ups make common ICOs

by bold-lichterman

Thirty start-ups have come together to organize a joint ICO, which aims to raise 35 million dollars.

22xFund, named after this collective, brings together young shoots from 14 different countries who have gone through the Californian incubator and investment fund 500 Startups. These had already raised around $ 22 million using traditional models, venture capital and others.

Each start-up offers up to 10% in equity, in the form of a share, depending on the amount raised. Note, most of the 30 start-ups that form this collective have no connection with the blockchain. They use the token in the same way, on the one hand, via a funding method that they consider more “Democratic”. The analogy that ultimately defines an ICO as crowfunding in the age of cryptocurrency takes on its full meaning here.

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Last November, Strava unveiled the travel map for its users around the world. The application that records, using GPS or tools like Fitbit, data about physical exertion (running, swimming and cycling), published this data with the aim of helping users to regroup or find other routes for their sporting activities.

But Nathan Ruser, an Australian student of international security and the Middle East, made a nasty discovery. In a country like the United States, users are so numerous that it is difficult to distinguish the routes. On the other hand, in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, downloads are rarer and therefore journeys are easily identified. However, among these users, there are often soldiers who use these trackers activity as part of their physical training. Consequence: the application makes it possible to distinguish military locations kept secret in these three countries.

According to RTL, France is also concerned: in Mali for example, where it has been involved since 2014, several sites show intense activity in the middle of the desert, such as the French army’s outpost in Tessalit.

Strava justifies itself behind the private mode available in its app: “ Our global heat map represents a global, anonymous view of over a billion activities uploaded to our platform. It excludes activities that have been marked as private and user-defined privacy zones. We are committed to helping users better understand our environment to give them control over what they share The company told Washington post. The US military has already said it wants to investigate the matter.

While the “Pentagon Papers” currently praise investigative journalism in cinema, the New York Times just stood out with a survey of the fake social media accounts industry, with Twitter leading the way. In his article entitled “The Follower Factory»And published this weekend, the American daily explains that stars, sportsmen or even politicians are engaged in the purchase of millions of false subscribers in order to multiply their influence online. Centerpiece of the system: Devumi, a company with a base of 3.5 million fake Twitter accounts, according to the New York Times.

CONFIDENTIEL 30 start ups make common ICOs

If this practice is not glorious, it becomes especially illegal when it comes to theft of identities. Indeed, some of the fake Twitter accounts sold by Devumi are said to be associated with identity theft. The American daily claims that 55,000 of them use real names, profile pictures and other personal information of real people who are registered on Twitter. Faced with these revelations, the New York prosecutor, Eric Schneiderman, announced the opening of an investigation against Devumi. “Deception and deception are illegal in New York State», He recalled. For its part, Twitter has promised to do everything in its power to prevent the proliferation of fake accounts used by companies like Devumi.

Infopro Digital, information group (The New Factory, LSA...) and services for professionals, announces the planned acquisition of DOCUgroup, leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in professional information for the world of construction, architecture and real estate .

With a presence in France notably through Le Moniteur and Vector Plus, in Belgium and the Netherlands, Infopro Digital is strengthening its offer for construction professionals.

More than 500 employees will join the Infopro Digital group, which will then include more than 3,200 people worldwide. DOCUgroup generates a turnover of 67 million euros, allowing Infopro Digital to reach a turnover of approximately 440 million euros once the acquisition is finalized.

Christophe Czajka, President of Infopro Digital: “After the acquisition of DOCUgroup, we become a true European mid-cap. The share of our turnover outside France has increased in less than a year from 14% to 35%. More than 1,300 group employees will be based in Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, Hong Kong and Tunisia “.

This purchase comes shortly after the takeover by Infopro of the B2B services marketplace Companeo.