Confidential – meltygroup is preparing a platform dedicated to e-sport

by bold-lichterman

CONFIDENTIAL – While meltygroup has just launched its twelfth thematic site, meltyDiscovery, devoted to the world of travel and discovery (adventures, travel, nature, technology), the company has just decided to strengthen its position in the e-sport from the next school year we learned.

The decision was taken last week, according to a source familiar with the matter. If the exact form has not yet been determined, the project will be part of melty Entertainment and will be in the form of a “hub” bringing together news related to e-sport.

Melty could also organize sporting events and sponsor video game teams and players. A “Melty league” would thus be under consideration. A partnership with a specialist in the sector cannot be ruled out even if nothing has yet been signed according to our sources. For the moment, only the general orientation has been set, the amounts of the investment not yet known.

Founded in 2008 by Alexandre Malsch and Jérémy Nicolas, two alumni of the Epitech school, meltygroup publishes ten thematic sites (, meltyBuzz, meltyStyle, meltyFood, meltyCampus …) dedicated to 12-17 year olds and 18-30 year olds .

Claiming 26 million unique visitors, Melty has opened foreign versions of its magazine – in Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Morocco – operated from France. The group plans to enter the Indian, Polish, Czech, Russian, and Turkish markets by 2016 and is targeting an audience of 100 million monthly visits.