ConcoursMania offers itself Actiplay –

by bold-lichterman

The ConcoursMania Group, a French specialist in online marketing games, today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding to acquire Actiplay.

The Montpellier-based digital agency specializes in the design and production of 2D, 3D marketing games and promotional sites on all platforms (web, social networks, smartphones and tablets, etc.).

ConcoursMania offers itself Actiplay FrenchWebfr

This buyout is part of the ConcoursMania Group’s development strategy set out in its initial public offering last May, combining targeted acquisitions and strong organic growth. The company thus has:

  • Strengthen its technological strengths, particularly on social networks and mobiles.
  • Complete its presence with mass distribution and advertisers in the mass consumption sector, thanks to Actiplay’s client portfolio.

The Montpellier company was honored last March at the “OSEO Excellence 2011” as one of the 2000 most promising companies in France. This year, the digital agency should achieve a turnover of nearly € 1.5 million.

The ConcoursMania Group supports its clients in the marketing of online promotional game operations and publishes its own consumer game sites. In 2010, the group achieved a turnover of € 7.5 million, generating an operating rate of return of 20% and a net profit rate of 12% of turnover.