[Concours] IGN calls on the inventiveness of students

by bold-lichterman

Launched last May for developers and amateurs, the the National Geographic Institute (IGN) is aimed this time at students. From 05 October to 31 March 2012, they are invited to develop, as a team, web or mobile applications, using digital data from the Geoportal, thanks to its API.

Concours IGN calls on the inventiveness of students
The main stages of the competition:

  • October 5 – December 15, 2011: Constitution of the team (3 to 6 students from the same school) and submission of the project to the site of the competition
  • January 16 – March 15, 2012: If the team is selected, development of the app with the support of IGN then defense in front of a jury of professionals
  • March 22, 2012: Publication of results on the site dedicated, and reward.

During the competition, IGN offers expert coaching and personalized support to selected students. In the criteria retained by the final jury, we note, in addition to performance and ergonomics, the relevance of the communication strategy around the app (number of Facebook fans, animation of the blog of the app, etc.).