Commerce Guys launches Drupal Commerce V1

by bold-lichterman

Franco-American society Trade Guys is the leading publisher of Drupal e-commerce solutions, an open-source content management system (CMS). Today, it marks a symbolic stage in its development with a first finalized version of its e-commerce solution and, still in focus, the ambition to make it the most popular on the market.

Launched in March 2011 in a first beta, Drupal Commerce has already provided the e-commerce functions of more than 2,500 Drupal-based sites and is supporting its growth on the strength of its core and the rich ecosystem of modules offered by its community of developers.

Commerce Guys launches Drupal Commerce V1Ryan Szrama, VP Community Development at Commerce Guys: “ the platform has reached maturity in terms of scalability, scalability and maintainability. At this point, Drupal Commerce is ready for production ”.

Among the management functions of Drupal Commerce 1.0:

  • Flexible ordering and payment processes
  • Sophisticated precision of the content produced
  • Personalization, recommendations and faceted search

Find the FrenchWeb interview of May 2011 with Frédéric Plais, CEO of Commerceguys.