ComfortWay, the virtual SIM card that wants to seduce operators

by bold-lichterman

ComfortWay, a Russian company that is developing “virtual” SIM card technology, has announced that it has raised 6 million euros from several undisclosed players, reports the site East-West Digital News. “The € 6 million investment has been raised from a pool of European telecom companies and private investors,” CEO Oleg Pravdin said in a statement.

With its solution, ComfortWay is aimed at travelers who are billed at high rates for their communications when traveling abroad, in particular because of the roaming. To do this, the start-up has developed a “virtual” SIM card which allows a user, when he arrives in a country, to select a telephone offer from several local telecom operators via an application, at local rates. The smartphone is thus connected directly to the local operator, thus avoiding roaming charges.

The SIM dematerialization market

Today, the service would already work in a hundred countries (including the United States, China or the countries of the European Union), without the need to change SIM card, specifies the company. on his site. With this new investment, the company wants to extend the coverage of its service and start marketing its offer, particularly in Europe and Asia. ComfortWay also intends to forge partnerships with telecoms and tourism players. “The commercial launch of ComfortWay virtual SIM cards is scheduled for spring 2016, starting with the European, Asian and Russian markets,” the company explains in its press release.

Other players are closely interested in the dematerialization of SIM cards, including the two giants Apple and Samsung. This summer the Financial Times revealed that the two groups were in discussions with telecom players. The objective is to allow a user to no longer be linked, via his SIM card, to a particular operator. Thus, with the same SIM card, he can change operator as he wishes.