Co-founded by a Frenchman, Sunrise raises $ 6 million to perfect its calendar

by bold-lichterman

One year after raising 1.7 million euros, Sunrise, a start-up founded by Brussels resident Jeremy Le Van and Parisian Pierre Valade, has just completed a new funding round of $ 6 million or 4.45 million euros. In 2013, the funds, Next View Ventures, and the business angels Dave Morin (co-founder and CEO of Path), Loic Le Meur (co-founder of the LeWeb conferences) and Hunter Walk (ex- Director of Management of Products at Google) had invested in Sunrise. This time, in addition to these investors, Balderton Capital has also beaten up.

Sunrise publishes an organizational tool in the form of an e-mail management service and a calendar application available on iOS and Android. The two founders had met while working as designers at Foursquare in New York. With Sunrise, their ambition was to set up a calendar based on the information present on the accounts on users’ social networks. “We want to pool all your data, simplify communication, and improve the functionality of calendars” explained Pierre Valade. at TechCrunch.

For Sunrise, the goal is to compete with already widely used services such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar. Still, the two designers of the project had not imagined that things would go so quickly. “We underestimated everything. We didn’t expect to raise funds so quickly, so now we need to upgrade our company (…) We’ve been good at vision, brand, and identity. But now, we need to work on features that no one else offers ”confided Pierre Vallade.