CMA CGM sets course for connected containers with the Marseillais de Traxens

by bold-lichterman

Will containers of goods transported on the seas always arrive safely thanks to technology? CMA CGM has announced that it has equipped its flagship “Le Bougainville” with sensors developed by the Marseille start-up. Traxens. For the maritime sector, the “smart” container allows real-time tracking of goods that are likely to get lost or deteriorate during transport.

Each year, 41,500 tonnes of goods transported in containers are lost, according to the transport committee of the European Commission. This technology must therefore serve both customers and the carrier but also insurance companies and customs. The CMA CGM group transported “more than 12 million containers” in 2014.

Growing IoT in the logistics market

“This technology transforms containers into smart and connected objects and introduces them into the era of” big data “, explains the shipping company on his site. In the case of refrigerated transport, the Traxens box also makes it possible to modulate the temperature in the event of heating or the humidity level.

In February 2015, the shipping company announced an increase of its stakes in the start-up. Objective: bring it to the stage of industrialization and make it a major player in a market already captured by foreign solutions, such as the Americans of Searates. Other players in logistics, such Damco International, already equip the goods of large groups like Schneider Electric.

CMA CGM owns 445 vessels serving more than 400 ports around the world. As long as four football fields, the Bougainville is the largest container ship in the world, capable of carrying up to 18,000 containers.