Cloud: PubNub raises $ 23 million to export internationally

by bold-lichterman

PubNub closes a $ 23 million funding round to accelerate its international development. The American company, which allows the development of real-time applications in the cloud, has just announced that it has obtained $ 23 million in Series D.

PubNub counts among its new investors Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a heavyweight in storage, software and business services. The company claims total funding of around $ 70 million.

Winning partnerships

Launched in 2010 by Stephen Blum and Todd Greene, PubNub works with thousands of companies around the world, including Peloton, Atlassian and Athenahealth, and claims several thousand users on its messaging platform. The company is capitalizing on the craze for instant messaging, carpooling, delivery and other services to achieve its goals.

PubNub prides itself on having delivered over 1,300 billion messages per month (more than double the global SMS traffic). These include theThe partnerships with Microsoft Azure, AWS and IBM Watson have allowed PubNub to extend its reach.

Thanks to this fundraising, PubNub intends to accelerate its international development, with the opening of multiple sales offices during the second and third quarters of this year. The Californian company also aims to expand into emerging markets, where demand is growing.

PubNub: the key data

Founders: Stephen Blum and Todd Greene
Creation: 2010
The head office : San Francisco
Activity: real-time application development platform
Funding: $ 70 million