Cloud HR: American Zenefits raises $ 66.5 million

by bold-lichterman

The Californian start-up Zenefits announced Tuesday, June 3 the second round of its fundraising with its investor Andressejn Horowitz, in association with Ventures Partners, for an amount of $ 66.5 million. 4 months ago, Zenefits was already raising $ 15 million from the same investor.

Zenefits offers its 2000 client companies a free SaaS solution to manage accounting, expenses and human resources, and a paid insurance brokerage service. Zenefits thus manages the files of more than 50,000 employees. Zenefits has increased its workforce from 15 to 120 employees since January 2014.

Launched a little over a year ago, the start-up has experienced tremendous growth of 30% per month in 2013. The company is now valued at $ 500 million according to several American media. This figure has not been officially confirmed by Parker Conrad. Since its founding, Zenefits will have raised a total of 84 million dollars, from Andressejn Horowitz but also from SV Angel, Hydrazine Capital, Elad Gil, and Jared Leto.