[Cloud] Google is preparing to unsheathe Drive, its storage service

by bold-lichterman

According to information from Wall Street Journal, taken over by many American sites, Google is reportedly about to launch Drive, its free online storage service.

Cloud Google is preparing to unsheathe Drive its storage serviceLike Dropbox, Box.net or even iCloud, Drive would allow users to store and share all kinds of documents online: files, photos and videos.

The launch date is still unclear, but could take place in a few weeks, or even a few months … According to the WSJ, Drive should be free, and possibly accompanied by a premium version intended for large consumers.

The question is therefore whether the Mountain View firm will succeed in establishing itself in an already busy market, in particular through the Dropbox service which has nearly 45M users and which closed last October a second round of $ 250M.

Google will therefore have to convince Internet users to catch up. Recall, however, that in 2006 Google was working on a stillborn online hard drive project. Baptized G-Drive, its code name was Platypus.