[Cloud Gaming] Sony buys Gaikai for $ 380 million

by bold-lichterman

Sony has just announced the acquisition of Gaikai, a major global player in cloud gaming, for $ 380M (€ 300M).

The Gaikai company, founded by David Perry in 2009 and based in California, is a platform that allows its users to rent and stream game from all kinds of screens, as long as the player has an internet connection.

Cloud Gaming Sony buys Gaikai for 380 million

Publishers can also distribute their games on the platform and enjoy a portion of the revenue as soon as they generate traffic. This takeover will therefore allow Sony to
deliver cloud-based services that will give consumers the ability to access a full range of products, anytime, anywhere, and with any internet-connected device.

The agreement on this acquisition was signed on June 30 by Sony Computer Entertainment and should be finalized in August.