Cloud: Dropbox enters into partnership with Deutsche Telecom to accelerate in Europe

by bold-lichterman

Online photo, video and document sharing service Dropbox announced on July 15 that it has partnered with Deutsche Telecom. From October, all Android phones marketed in Europe by Deutsche Telecom will have the Dropbox app pre-installed.

The German telecommunications operator has 140 million customers in 14 European countries, Dropbox is therefore ensuring a significant gain in visibility in this part of the world and intends to grow its user base, which already reaches 300 million. people.

External growth

In the cloud sector, the American company competes in its segment with other companies such as Box. Created in 2005 by Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, Box is one of the benchmark players in cloud file management, like Microsoft, Google and OVH in France. It employs over a thousand people and has more than 34,000 corporate clients, 25 million users, and 1.75 million paying subscribers. It has also just advanced a new pawn in its commercial battle by launching an unlimited storage service, like the one that already exists at Google.

For its part, DropBox applies an assumed external growth strategy. Since the beginning of 2014, she has got hold of Loom, Hackpad, Bubbli, Parastructure, but also Readmill, Zulip, Droptalk, and MobileSpan. But this industry seems fragile. Box, for example, consumes a lot of cash and has postponed its IPO. The Wall Street Journal estimated in early May that there was only $ 109 million left in the company (including 92 million in its 2013 financial year, against a turnover of 124 million dollars, editor’s note) out of the 400 million raised since its foundation.

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